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A point for social media.

Posted in Makin' moves with tags , , on February 16, 2014 by robdc

If this is the only good thing to come out of social media and me writing down the places I go, it not only validates everything until now but will also keep me going for years to come.

My boy Pedro, my favorite of the Buigas Clan, happened to read some of my musings and just so happened to be on the road as well. A slight modification to my, already pretty wide open, itinerary and here I am in Brussels where I have come to share a meal and a few drinks with good friends. There are many reasons to go to a place or do a thing, but I can think of few better than good company.

Pedro and Kerry were a god damned delight and we ran around Brussels with an open mind to any local beers supplemented, of course, by shots, scotch and rum (for me). I advise anyone to try the Flemish stew when in this neck of the woods, it’s delectable.  

IMG_3879 IMG_3874

I took no notice to where the hell we were going or what bars we wandered into and out of, but we managed to find the Grote Markt which we hade apparently been circling for a couple of hours. We then realigned our instruments to guide us for the next set of bar hops.

IMG_3881IMG_3880 IMG_3882

I have no idea where this is but I know we had a dope ass time, toasted of many serious subjects and lost people/inspirations, then rejoiced in the fact that we are able to ruminate about such things over good drink and company. (they had lots of marionettes for some reason)

IMG_3886  IMG_3887



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