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Into the wild blue, welcome to Spotted Fawn

Posted in Waxing Idiotic on January 18, 2014 by robdc

Once again the Segermeisters have offered up their services as some of the most fantastic hosts I know. After a full day at Anthem getting some serious work done by SeepyDave I hopped on a plane and landed in DC where we had a quick nights rest. In the morning we got the rest of our provisions together and headed to Spotted Fawn, our home for the next few days.

Traveling with Brando is the only time that I pretty much give up all control and just let the man do his thing, because his thing just happens to be planning. None of us knew what to expect when we got here… We were all equally blown away when we saw where we would be staying out here in the mountains of Virginia.

Driving through the mountains was already a good time:

IMG_3590[1]But once we saw our temporary home, we were floored.

IMG_3591[1]  IMG_3592[1]

IMG_3589[1] IMG_3587[1]

We are adjusting well to our new surroundings.

The rum punch is calling my name so I’m going to join in the festivities for Natalia’s Born day.




Thanks to everyone that made this all possible!!

Posted in Waxing Idiotic on January 9, 2014 by robdc

I have no way of fully thanking all the amazing people who have helped me get this far although I fully intend to try. My travels begin again next week but here is a small dose of what has made for a good time since my last entry.






Happy New Year everyone, lets make this one to remember.

H stands for Hammer Time street

Posted in Waxing Idiotic on June 15, 2013 by robdc

We really dragged ass getting going today, got off the train at NoMa and had a very scenic walk through the various ethnic food markets on the way to Union Market. Inside, the market had an open floor plan which was odd at first but as I moved around and saw that everything was all “organic” and “free market” it made more sense. Red Apron was a full service butcher with some of the most mouth watering cuts of meat in the window I had ever seen. Unfortunately there were only 5 things on the menu, I got the mufaletta. I think I chose wisely. Other than the distinct lack of meat (it was more of a grilled cheese with some meat added than a meat sandwich with cheese) it was all very tasty. We then posted up at Buffalo Bergen and partook in a couple of their designer drinks, they were very pleasantly concocted and had stupid names which  we loved, Natalia had the Rick Astley and I had the Stand and Deliver. The names having, of course, nothing to do with their ingredients but still making us laugh.

IMG_2501 IMG_2502

Now we begin our annihilation of H street which commenced at Argonaut. After a round of drinks and some delicious muscles it appears that the apocalypse is upon us, the weather has quickly deteriorated and it looks like we are going to weather the storm where we are sitting. Brando tells a story about a job sight where someone, unfortunately, got stuck in quicksand up to their chest. Natalia’s first thought is “what would happen if you’re stuck in quicksand and you have to pee?” Talk quickly deteriorated into her lack of formal education in physics, then hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics, so on and so forth. While her vocabulary on the subject was quite impressive for lay person, her knowledge of the key concepts seemed to go wanting.

After the storm passed we headed to Toki for what I was told would be the best Ramen of my life, unfortunately that experience would have to be deferred since this place only has 14 seats and doesn’t take reservations, 2 hour wait… No worries, we headed to the bar downstairs, the Pug. There we spoke some more garbage, had a few laughs with the bartender and the hours just flew by.The ambiance in here was interesting as it was jam packed with stuff, and it made for a very interesting back drop for our wait.


Into Toki we go, I was convinced to get the Dan Dan Mien as it was described as a staff favorite and was not broth based (and my stomach was replete with liquid as it was). I was not ready for what was placed in front of me: perfectly cooked noodles, deep fried chicken, braised pork cheek in a bean paste. The flavor was so rich, it was seemingly a sum that was greater than its parts. I also, humbly, have very little knowledge of the preparation methods or spices used but I was blown away. If you can eat here, please, for the sake of all that is holy, do.


The next spot we hit up was the Smith Commons, we could see it from where we were sitting in Toki and were intrigued by it’s look. 3 levels, mostly open to the air, after a bit of rain made for a very nice breezy couple of drinks. Christian joined us and we got into a huge discussion when he asked if we had heard of this new kind of storm called a “Jericho” which all of use screamed at him for. It turns out that what he was talking about is a “Derecho” but for some reason it was being pronounced “de – ri – koh” instead of “de-re-cho” which through the mostly spanish speaking group. It was hilarious.

We were waiting to try and get into this arcade bar that everyone was sure I’d love but it wasn’t open yet so we headed to Beergarten Hause where I had a very nice dark lager and we watched the end of the heat game, not that I care, but the heat owned. The staff were beyond helpful and very accommodating to the beer uninitiated me. We finished up and headed to Atlas Arcade. Holy shit it’s like someone had asked me what I’d like to do with my evenings. There were arcade cabinets all over the space, all classics: Marvel VS Capcom, the Simpsons, an original Galaga, After Burner, Mortal Kombat and if you were sitting at the bar there was an NES an SNES and a SEGA you could play for free, and yes I said at the bar. After dumping some bucks into the cabinets Natalia and I played some StreetFighter on SNES where we each had our share of wins and loses, her hundred hand slap was impeccably timed. They also had a hacked cabinet that played tons of games, one of which was an edited Galaga that had you piloting a helicopter instead of a spaceship and the aliens were insurgents, the interceptor ships were turban wearing bearded men. I’m not saying I condone this, I’m just saying it was there.

IMG_2506IMG_2513 IMG_2514

We were reeling after all the running around we had been doing and needed something hardy to end the night so we headed to Dangerously Delicious Pies. This place is serious, the menu is split into sweet and savory so you could get an apple pie and a pulled pork pie and alternate bites of each if you want, but that’s gross so none of us did that. I got the rocky with bacon which was basically a chicken pot pie with the added heaven of bacon. Needless to say this induced the highest levels of itus so we headed home for the night. More to come later.



The Creepy neighbor, everybody’s got one

Posted in Waxing Idiotic on April 6, 2010 by robdc

So we all have that creepy neighbor, they live just close enough to make you uncomfortable and do all sorts of weird shit constantly, almost specifically to piss you off. My particular creepy neighbor started off innocently enough, he wandered over during a party I was having and started having bizarre conversations with my guests while smoking out of a corn cob pipe. This sort of behavior continued every time I had people over until one time he had a posse, some super flamboyant dude who kept calling me "boriqua" because he didn’t know the difference between a Puerto Rican flag and a Cuban one, which I have 6’x10′ hanging in my kitchen, and a girl who looked vaguely familiar at the time. The flaming guy was actually quite polite and didn’t bother any of the party goers, but the girl, who was later revealed to be "Trainwreck" a girl who regularly gets banned from the bar I moonlight at (I knew she looked familiar) was a completely different story. Said creepy neighbor ended up pushing one of the female party goers which resulted in lots of middle man-ing on my part to keep him alive. We locked the door and I’ve been trying to avoid him, other then the one time I was forced to tell him to his face that he creeps people out and he is not welcome when I have people over so "don’t wander over here in your weird ass way" if memory serves. Since then I just hear the ice-cream van noises his el camino (no I am not making this up or embellishing at all) makes in the distance, and I don’t bother myself with him at all. Then today I found evidence that he had begun a new battle with his other neighbors, it came in a not too subtle sign. Exhibit A:

and B:

Now you try and tell me for one second that this guy isn’t a class act.

UPDATE: I wake up this morning and start walking to work only to find this:

I got some more info and apparently this particular neighbor called the cops on El Creepo for some unknown reason and this is his payback. That will show ’em buddy, keep the hilarious sign-age coming.

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