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The Cardesians invade CO!!

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This past week Melissa and I had the great honor of being invited to the union of 2 of my favorite people on the planet! Jenny and Matt threw down one of the most serious wedding’s I’ve ever been a part of and it was one hell of a good time!

The wedding and associated events were held in Grand Lake CO, with the main event at the Grand Lake Lodge. The natural backdrop was breathtaking and I can see why they chose this place.

FullSizeRender (1)

The wedding itself took place on a pretty picturesque cliff with the apex overlooking the lake and Shadow mountain (real name). The ever unique Chris Lane officiated and did one hell of a job. It takes a lot of hard work to make a wedding ceremony entertaining and funny while not removing any of the importance from what is happening but he managed to pull it off quite well. If you’re reading this Lane, good job buddy, you killed it.

FullSizeRender (5)

While not doing wedding stuff, everyone seems to have managed to take a hike and see what CO had to offer. Melissa and I headed to Adam’s Falls and took in the sights.




Elevation was a factor and people were reporting varying levels of trouble with it. Luckily we weren’t hit too bad but you could definitely feel the difference.


Unfortunately Melissa had to leave for work but the last night in CO was organized to be a trek out to RedRocks to see Widespread Panic. Anyone who knows me knows that I have been avoiding this type of show for as long as I’ve known Jenny and this clan who lovingly refer to themselves as “the Freaks.” But, this was Jenny’s big day and it was RedRocks, so who cares what kind of show it is, I’m in!

To give you an example of how much I’ve been avoiding this type of thing, at one point they bought me a ticket to Bear Creek, and I was intending on going until Lane, out of the kindness of his heart, made me a CD of some of the music that would be featured at the show. Upon delivery of this CD I asked him “are there any songs on here longer than 7 minutes?” to which, he replied, happily “Almost all of them!” Which was followed by me promptly throwing the CD in the nearest trash can and ordering that my ticket be sold.

This, on the other hand, is RedRocks! So I couldn’t pass up the event, and Jenny would have killed me if I sat this one out. RedRocks as a place to be, alone, will have an effect on your person. The view is unrivaled and Denver CO sits in the background to remind you how far you are from normalcy. The crew was pretty big, I count at least 50 but the bus count was closer to 60. That’s a lot of cats to heard…


The band played, everyone had a good time and the party continued into the night as we all got rounded up for the 2 hour ride back to the lodge.

In all, I think the main thing I have to say is thank you. Thank you for inviting us. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of such an important event. And thanks for the belly laughs and good times.

Cheers to the Cardesians!!


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Marriage is not a thing that I put much time into thinking about during the course of my life. Because of that I never spent much time thinking about what my preferences would be should the event ever become a reality.

That being said, when it came up and I got engaged I had to think about what I wanted the event to look like. We are not very traditional people and since Melissa is a scientist I feel like she is more in tune with my logical approach to big life decisions so when the serious talk began there were 2 very large decisions to make.

1. Do we have a formal wedding and spend what little money we have or buy a house.

2. Where do we want to have our wedding.

To the 1st question… WE GOT A HOUSE!!


To the 2nd question I only had one piece of input: “I always imagined that if I were to get married, it would be with my feet in the water on a beach somewhere.”




We ended up having a very small and intimate wedding with just our immediate families but in the end I got exactly what I wanted, a wedding with my feet in the ocean and a wife that gets me.

So now we will be going on the future adventures together and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Catch you on the next one,


Back on the road

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I get mad at myself for not sitting down and documenting my travels any more so I’ve decided to get back on the horse. It’s not that I haven’t done anything in the past two years, it’s really just that life kinda caught up with me and finding the time to record my thoughts has been incredibly difficult. Not to bore anyone with the excuses, lets get caught up real quick!

Towards the end of 2015 we finally took advantage of living this far north and did some skiing at Whitetail Resort.


As you can tell it was unseasonably warm but the snow stuck around so we kept at it.

Shortly after that, at the beginning of 2016 Melissa and I were lucky enough to attend ‘A Night for Justice’ for Adnan Syed. If you’ve been listening to Serial like we have this would have been just as exciting for you as it was for us. The thing is that when we started listening to Serial we lived in Florida and all the places and things that they were talking about were alien to us and far away. Now that we live in MD, everything they mention in the podcast is not only more real, but it’s close! So when they mentioned that there was going to be a gala event in Baltimore, a mere 45 min drive from our home, we jumped at the chance.


That panel is everyone from Undisclosed and the Truth and Justice podcasts. And that’s Susan Simpson from Undisclosed in the picture with us.

During the dinner, Adnan actually called Rabia’s cell phone and took questions from the audience. It was pretty nuts.

I went down to Fl a few times for various celebrations.


We were lucky enough to attend a few weddings. Namely the Tombler wedding and my oldest friend Rich’s wedding where I was honored to be the best man.


Then I finally got the chance to do some fishing up here, it took a while but everything finally lined up. The good people of the Lexianna took us out with Jason of the Sapphire Lounge in Bethesda and a few others for a good time on the water.



There are some other things coming but I feel like they deserver their own posts so I’ll leave them for that.

It’s good to be back.



Some type of way…

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Today we were introduced to the world of fishing in this universe that is Tropic Star Lodge. It was almost too much, almost… This place has dialed in the art of fishing to a precision that is bordering on magic. We begin the day with bait fishing which was already a reality check for how far away this place was from what I knew to previously be fishing. In many other past experiences if you wanted to catch a Bonito Tuna (which in these past cases is the thing you want to ultimately catch) you set your spoon and have your fight and reel it in, serve with some ponzu and you’re good. When I went to pull up my first hit in our Bonito Tuna run, I felt like these might be some new super strand of hulk Bonitos. When I got the catch to the surface I realized what was going on… This place fishes with such hyper efficiency that one fish per line is not good enough, the lines are baited with 2 spoons and hooks placed about 3 feet apart and tossed into a school almost guaranteeing that 2 fish are caught (providing twice the fight) with every cast. I landed twice in about 5 minutes netting 4 Bonitos which is pretty much mind blowing considering the usual pace of fishing. 4 fish in 5 minutes, this was already looking like a banner day. 15 min, tops in the bait grounds then we were off. I got over excited and lost the first Black marlin we hooked (an 450+lbs according to our crew), but that’s ok because a second hit the same bate before I could reel it in to check it. That was all within 10 minutes of leaving the bait grounds. So, to recap the pace set for the day, 25 minutes into the trip and I’ve pulled 4 tuna and a marlin out of the water. The time scale has just been blown apart.

Not to bore with more details about every battle or catch today, here’s the final count for our boat and some pictures.

2 – Black Marlin (200-300lb)

1 – Pacific Sailfish (150lb)

5 – Dorado (30-45lb)

Not bad for the first day out.


RobMahi WP_20150201_049_tonemapped


Here are a couple from when Sergio and Eric landed Dorados at the same time.

DoubleHook DoubleHook1

And here’s from when Sergio tackled our captain (his new best friend) off the side of the boat.

BFFs Day one in the books, time to rest up and do it all again tomorrow.

Coje lo,


Talk into the microphone, squidbrain!

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2015 is here and it is time for more epic adventure time. This time, by an incredible set of coincidences and over 2 years of planning we managed to get 4 bartenders to Tropic Star Lodge in Panama right as we launch Covert Fishing LLC. The overlap is more than just a coincidence as it makes for a beyond perfect platform to showcase our new brand and plug us in with the absolute top of the fishing food chain.

Shirts1After arriving in Panama city and trying to get some sleep, we start stirring to catch our flights but as soon as we get to the (teeny tiny) airport we quickly realize that something is wrong… “there was a backup on earlier flights, it will be just 45 min longer” Then an hour after that that… “great news, you guys are getting a free bus tour” This actually worked out for us since we had bypassed the actual canal the day before and were pretty mad at ourselves over it. This “bus tour” was just us getting put in a van and driven around till the plane was ready, lucky for us the driver was a nice guy about taking us wherever we wanted and was incredibly knowledgeable about the canal. We also visited a national park for a short hike which was also quite pleasant.

IMG_0452_tonemapped GOPR0027_tonemapped

Once the planes were ready the trip was off to an extremely exciting start, the puddle jumper to the lodge was an exhilarating way of getting anywhere but flying so close to land and seeing the lodge and the 200 yard landing strip really put things in perspective, we were easily 100 miles from the nearest paved road and the sole purpose of this place was fishing.

WP_20150131_050 WP_20150131_055

Of course we needed some in flight entertainment…

WP_20150131_070Here’s a shot of Tropic Star Lodge and Piñas bay as we swoop over to land.

PinasBayFromAbove  A shot of the landing strip from the ground, I never found the admiral’s club.

LandingStripTomorrow we begin the fishing and I can’t wait to get started. This place has already proven to be something completely new to me and we haven’t even gotten to the meat and potatoes yet. I’ll have to stop now as the dinner situation here is kind of strict and the bell just rang.

Coje lo,


Little lessons make big differences

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How to blend in in a South American airport:

1. Erase any idea of urgency or the fact that anyone on earth has to be any place at any specific time. If you’ve ever had to be anywhere, forget what that felt like.

2. Make sudden erratic vector changes as you walk, constantly. Sometimes you may even want to stop and walk in the direction you just came from, almost like you forgot why you got out of bed that day.

3. Do you have kids? awesome, bring them, ALL OF THEM. Do you have nieces and nephews? Bring them along too! Hell, just pick some kids up off the street, it looks like that’s what everyone here does. Apparently they make great travel accessories.

4. Carry obscenely large luggage and plenty of it. Everyone here is carrying bags so large that they border on the ridiculous, 2 or three bodies could easily fit in each bag. It looks like the same effect as when a really large person picks up one of those tiny beers and it makes them look like even bigger giants but in this case the people are the tiny beers.

5. Let the larger your party and the more luggage you have both effect the speed at which you do anything inversely, so if you have 11 kids and 25 human sized bags, a snails pace is the accurate speed to shoot for.

OK, now that I got that out… We have landed in Rio! The beach is beautiful and the beach town feel is very much lingering in the air.

IMG_5140[1] IMG_5197[1]

We spent the first morning talking about different stuff we had read or heard about how to move through this city without problems. Places not to go, what not to wear and how not to get gotten.

Much to Dave’s delight, immediately after this long and drawn out conversation as we are walking down the beach something hits my foot, it’s a cartoony green goo. It looked like ectoplasm. Knowing that no earthly bird secretes anything like this and the perfectly clear and bird-less sky immediately above me, I kept walking but asked Dave “did you happen to see where that came from?” to which he replies “I did, just keep walking.” So I did and then through a combination of hand signals and quick looks we were both very much aware of the man who was tracking us. He had expertly squirted this gunk on my show then waited for me to flip out about it, at which point he would conveniently come out of the crowd, brush and gunk antidote in hand. Unfortunately for him, no flip out came. We just kept walking and he kept tracking. Then, thinking that I hadn’t seen it yet, he comes out of the crow and points at my foot saying “aw, look at what the birds did, need some help?” Brush and paper towels in hand. The idea is that I stop, he helps me get the crap off my shoe then the demands for money start. I kept going and he got nothing but anyone coming to Rio should be aware that this type of thing is lurking around every corner here.

While at a bar I left Dave alone for 2 minutes and in very Dave way, when I returned there was a new member to our party. The guy was nice enough and soon his wife joined us. Drinks were had and before too long we ended up making plans with them for the next day. Dinner and drinks with the Patels was a damn good time and we ran around Rio for the evening.


The next day Dave and I headed up into the mountains to see Christ the redeemer overlooking the city. It had been pretty foggy but we took a chance anyway. After getting to the national park we paid for our tickets up to the top we were put on a bus, a girl in the back gets scolded for eating Doritos on the bus so she puts them away. half way up to the top, she has a mini rebellion about the food and chooses expulsion as her form of protest… She barfs all over the bus, not missing Dave or I’s legs… of course. Luckily everyone else manages to keep it together.

Finally we reach the top and it’s stunning… for a few seconds out of every minute when the clouds clear. We still managed to take in the whole scene and it was pretty breathtaking.

GOPR6059_tonemappedAll in all it has been an astonishing stay here in Rio and I can’t wait to run around here for the next few days.

Ceje lo,


Oh you fancy… Brando Calrissian’s Bachelor Bash

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Brando and Natalia are finally getting hitched! Of course, that means that we must have the obligatory bachelor/bachelorette parties. So small groups of good friends migrate to DC with the expressed intent of celebrating two of the best people we know and having a damn good time.  I’d say this sums up the start of the trip pretty well:

IMG_5035Since Brando is my gastronomical consigliore I knew the focus of the trip was going to be good food and drink but I had no idea what we were in for. We did the stuff we knew was good like Toki which I don’t mean to down play, because it’s blow your pants off good, but we had been there already. We went back to the pug and shenanigans but the real treat was on Saturday. We started off at Founding Farmers where the candied bacon was the star. 

IMG_5030Sorry for the blur but I hate being the person taking pictures of their food, it weighs heavier on my soul with every passing day so food pictures may become more rare in my photo library. The idea of sugary bacon is the stuff of dreams though, and if you ever find yourself in DC, do yourself a favor and try it. 

The main event was, of course, the Saturday party event night. Christian, as best man, had a pretty high bar set for him but I have to say that he pulled it off in spades. We were told to dress “pretty nice” so when we got to the first spot of the night and it was just a normal bar, I was containing my initial feeling of “what the hell?!” Christian walked us to what I thought was the bathroom and a small waiting nook where we were greeted with champagne and told that our seats would be ready in just a minute. After our short wait we were escorted into the Columbia room which only had 10 seats and required reservations for quite some time. We had apparently been set up for a 3 drink menu which consisted of some delectable concoctions, the elements of which we were encouraged to try on their own. So each drink was accompanied by a shot or two of it’s main elements, this was heaven.

We stuck around for a round after our tasting menu, I asked for something rum based that didn’t have the citrus-lime flavor that is so popular with present day mixologists, I was greeted with a delightful concoction and a shot of it’s main ingredient.


Also Brando really loved his Fru-Fru drink…

IMG_5052Then we went to the Russia House. This place had a real authentic feel to it. The door guys had all stabbed at least 2 people with ice picks and all the servers probably had some idea of what the inside of a shipping container looked like. I’m pretty sure Viggo Mortensen was sitting at the bar by the entrance. Either way, the food was damn good and their Moscow mule is unrivaled in my memory. Brando got a little roudy and smashed a triangle drink all over himself but I’m sure that has nothing to do with what the Columbia room did to us.

IMG_5048Then we met up with the girls at the Mambo room and the dancers danced while the rest of us enjoyed our drinks and made fun of them.

IMG_5058The weekend was full of laughing to snorts and good times but we even managed to get some culture in. I didn’t know the Smithsonian had a second air and space museum outside of town by Dulles airport, it houses some of the larger aircraft that would have, undoubtedly, been more than difficult to get into the heart of DC. This is also where I was able to get some of the better pictures of the trip.

IMG_5081 IMG_5086

IMG_5087 IMG_5088

F-22 Raptor, the Enola Gay, Boeing 307 Stratoliner, the god damned Concord Fox-Alpha!!!

The two things in this giant hangar that I really never thought I would get to see with mine own eyes and the absolute standouts were, hands down:

IMG_5080 IMG_5077

SR-71 Blackbird and the space shuttle Discovery!!! What an awesome way to end such a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it out and contributed to such a good time. See you all next month at the “wedding.”


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