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Some type of way…

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Today we were introduced to the world of fishing in this universe that is Tropic Star Lodge. It was almost too much, almost… This place has dialed in the art of fishing to a precision that is bordering on magic. We begin the day with bait fishing which was already a reality check for how far away this place was from what I knew to previously be fishing. In many other past experiences if you wanted to catch a Bonito Tuna (which in these past cases is the thing you want to ultimately catch) you set your spoon and have your fight and reel it in, serve with some ponzu and you’re good. When I went to pull up my first hit in our Bonito Tuna run, I felt like these might be some new super strand of hulk Bonitos. When I got the catch to the surface I realized what was going on… This place fishes with such hyper efficiency that one fish per line is not good enough, the lines are baited with 2 spoons and hooks placed about 3 feet apart and tossed into a school almost guaranteeing that 2 fish are caught (providing twice the fight) with every cast. I landed twice in about 5 minutes netting 4 Bonitos which is pretty much mind blowing considering the usual pace of fishing. 4 fish in 5 minutes, this was already looking like a banner day. 15 min, tops in the bait grounds then we were off. I got over excited and lost the first Black marlin we hooked (an 450+lbs according to our crew), but that’s ok because a second hit the same bate before I could reel it in to check it. That was all within 10 minutes of leaving the bait grounds. So, to recap the pace set for the day, 25 minutes into the trip and I’ve pulled 4 tuna and a marlin out of the water. The time scale has just been blown apart.

Not to bore with more details about every battle or catch today, here’s the final count for our boat and some pictures.

2 – Black Marlin (200-300lb)

1 – Pacific Sailfish (150lb)

5 – Dorado (30-45lb)

Not bad for the first day out.


RobMahi WP_20150201_049_tonemapped


Here are a couple from when Sergio and Eric landed Dorados at the same time.

DoubleHook DoubleHook1

And here’s from when Sergio tackled our captain (his new best friend) off the side of the boat.

BFFs Day one in the books, time to rest up and do it all again tomorrow.

Coje lo,


Talk into the microphone, squidbrain!

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2015 is here and it is time for more epic adventure time. This time, by an incredible set of coincidences and over 2 years of planning we managed to get 4 bartenders to Tropic Star Lodge in Panama right as we launch Covert Fishing LLC. The overlap is more than just a coincidence as it makes for a beyond perfect platform to showcase our new brand and plug us in with the absolute top of the fishing food chain.

Shirts1After arriving in Panama city and trying to get some sleep, we start stirring to catch our flights but as soon as we get to the (teeny tiny) airport we quickly realize that something is wrong… “there was a backup on earlier flights, it will be just 45 min longer” Then an hour after that that… “great news, you guys are getting a free bus tour” This actually worked out for us since we had bypassed the actual canal the day before and were pretty mad at ourselves over it. This “bus tour” was just us getting put in a van and driven around till the plane was ready, lucky for us the driver was a nice guy about taking us wherever we wanted and was incredibly knowledgeable about the canal. We also visited a national park for a short hike which was also quite pleasant.

IMG_0452_tonemapped GOPR0027_tonemapped

Once the planes were ready the trip was off to an extremely exciting start, the puddle jumper to the lodge was an exhilarating way of getting anywhere but flying so close to land and seeing the lodge and the 200 yard landing strip really put things in perspective, we were easily 100 miles from the nearest paved road and the sole purpose of this place was fishing.

WP_20150131_050 WP_20150131_055

Of course we needed some in flight entertainment…

WP_20150131_070Here’s a shot of Tropic Star Lodge and Piñas bay as we swoop over to land.

PinasBayFromAbove  A shot of the landing strip from the ground, I never found the admiral’s club.

LandingStripTomorrow we begin the fishing and I can’t wait to get started. This place has already proven to be something completely new to me and we haven’t even gotten to the meat and potatoes yet. I’ll have to stop now as the dinner situation here is kind of strict and the bell just rang.

Coje lo,



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Anything anyone tells you to try and prepare you for The Vortex will fall short. This place is a playground for… well, me. The walls are covered in murals, the food is over the top and the ‘Rules’ section of their website says pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted to say to customers at the bar.

And here’s what the actual place looks like:


Enter the Double Coronary: half a pound of beef topped with two fried eggs, six slices of cheese and eight slices of bacon and buns? Oh no, buns are for peasants, this puppy uses 2 grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, which is how this shit should be done. 


Jesus that thing was epic, and I loved it just like I knew I would. Thank the gods for whoever owns this place, I commend you sir or madam. Now to go into the deepest food coma I’ve had the pleaser of enjoying in a long time.

lights out.

Fast and Easy…

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It was the first clear morning we’d had since we got to town so I snapped a couple of shots of the fountain in the park on the way to the expo.


Then we returned to Tech-Ed. The thing is that unless you’re here in these sessions with us it’s kinda’ tough to describe why this particular expo is so popular and expensive so, rather than that I’ll explain why it’s so much fun.

Yes we are learning volumes of super useful and super geeky stuff, VM, powershell, app-v, and the cloud are all terms that fly around here as much as ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘the’ in normal language. To offset the intense learning sessions the expo floor is filled to the brim with venders trying anything they can to get your attention and hopefully get you to buy some of their crap and trust me there is no trick they won’t try. The first gimmick is the raffle, oh man the raffles, they raffle off everything from $50 gift cards to Ducati motorcycles! Then there are the speakers, the vendors employ everyone from hot ladies to trick pool players to magicians just to get your attention and hold on to it for a few minutes.

This guy was a ‘mind reader’, he did some interesting things having people pick random words out of books and having them written down in envelopes that he pulled out of his podium before they were handed anything, he also did card tricks.

IMG_0734_tonemapped IMG_0736_tonemapped

You can just barely make out the card in the second one (it’s in the light).

This next dude was a world class pool shark.

IMG_0723_tonemapped IMG_0725_tonemapped

IMG_0732_tonemappedIn the first set he’s hitting a Q-ball off the rail and knocking that ball out of that dudes mouth then making it in the corner pocket… blindfolded. The last pic is of him hitting the one ball out from that support and not knocking the tower down while making the one in the corner pocket (watching the double ball part of the stack was nerve racking), he pulled the trick off perfectly. 

Also there are games, plenty of games. Spin the wheel, play some put put golf or play a little roulette all of which lead down the same two roads: 1. a registration for a raffle 2. a prize (usually a shirt or pen), either way you’re happy when you go back to learn some crazy thing about how to debug sharepoint errors. Here are a couple of shots of Andrew playing not one but 2 put put games.

IMG_0668_tonemapped IMG_0669_tonemapped

There were also some game stations set up with Kinect being showcased all over the place, here’s some guy unwinding with his rendition of Thriller.


That’s all from the expo hall today, later we’re heading to The Vortex for some legendary burgers and I’m sure there will be more to note from there.




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Our days are spent going to hands on training sessions, being hounded by vendors and trekking the main expo floor but our nights? Our nights we get treated by these same vendors to awesome parties! At the Microsoft Silverlight exhibit we were handed yellow wrist bands that simply read: “GeekFest! 2011 @ STATS”. We lived the rest of the day as usual expecting some free wings and probably beer at the end of the day. The expo closed, we get kicked out and off to STATS we went, where we found this:

IMG_0711_tonemapped IMG_0712_tonemapped


The spot was supremely nicer than any of us expected, fire pits, full bar and a very nice terrace made for a seriously entertaining environment. Oh yea, this was nice too.

IMG_0701_tonemapped IMG_0702_tonemapped

They did well enough on their own but when their powers combined… it was pretty impressive

IMG_0696_tonemapped IMG_0693_tonemapped

Get a room full of developers (nerds) and throw them into a spot like this with an open bar and everyone was having a phenomenal time. On the way home I got some shots of the city from the Olympic park, but you’ll have to forgive the blur since I was on my way home from a jam.

IMG_0717_tonemapped IMG_0718_tonemapped

That’s it for tonight,

‘drops mic’


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I’ve followed many a keynote on Giz and through many other venues but I didn’t think I’d be seeing one in person any time soon. Lets just say that a great deal is lost in translation when I’ve read about any of these things. I can only imagine how over the top an Apple keynote is because this was (from what I can gather) a much smaller event and it was IMPRESSIVE. After filing over 5000 of what I can only assume are the largest assortments of geeks, dweebs and dorks on earth (many internationals here) into a gigantic auditorium, they got the whole thing started with a couple of dudes who call themselves the ‘Glitch Mob’ playing touch screen lcds that were inexplicably turned away from them, they dropped their version of ‘Derezzed’ by the legendary Daft Punk. It was not exactly what I expected but that’s a good thing.

IMG_0648_tonemapped IMG_0651_tonemapped

They did a pretty damn good job, even though the fact that shazam picked up their set kinda’ suggests that they weren’t really doing much with those lcds they weren’t looking at, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Here’s a shot of the keynote hall from about half way back, not the greatest shot but I hope it gets the idea of the scope across.


On our arrival we were assigned assorted geek accoutrements, A huge backpack, some assorted t-shirts and a billion flyers and ads for the various vendors here who’s sole purposes in life for the next week will be to entice us with raffles and giveaways. The show floor is nuts, and the items at stake are completely insane, this is a Microsoft event so every other group is offering Xbox360s but don’t let that be any representation of the sick swag these corporate types are offering up. I present exhibit A:


Needless to say I snuck way more than one entry into that raffle.

We ran around the vendor floor for a bit then went to some breakout sessions, the day was insanely informative and long. A few protips for anyone who is dropped into a tech environment and wants to sound like they know what’s up right now: toss the acronyms ROI (Return on investment) and SLA (Service Level Agreement) around as much as possible, also talk about the cloud as if you invented it, since apparently these people can’t hear enough about that noise.

One last perk of the day… THEY GAVE US BEER!! FO FREE!!!, pretty sweet and a great way to end the day.

IMG_0661_tonemappedThat’s it for today, got to get to sleep. These 6:30am mornings are going to kill me.



Arrival in Hotlanta

Posted in Doin' Work on May 16, 2011 by robdc

First off, Atlanta has been treating us phenomenally. Although I’m here for work, the people I’m traveling with and the event I’m here for have been a perfect combination.


Our first day in wasn’t supposed to be much in the way of entertainment but registration for Tech Ed and our jumps around town ended up presenting us with some surprises. While on our way to check in the police presence was off putting, enough that Atlanta felt kind of like a police state. Lots of bike, motorcycle, squad car and segway officers and it felt like they were getting more dense with every block. Finally We were asked to clear the road because the first ladies motorcade was coming through town. The show was pretty impressive.

IMG_0629_tonemapped IMG_0641_tonemapped

IMG_0642_tonemapped IMG_0635_tonemapped

It’s a sunday in the south so the rest of the day did prove to be pretty uneventful but I have high hopes for the first day of the main event tomorrow.



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