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Back on the road

Posted in CovertFishing, Makin' moves, Waxing Idiotic on February 20, 2017 by robdc

I get mad at myself for not sitting down and documenting my travels any more so I’ve decided to get back on the horse. It’s not that I haven’t done anything in the past two years, it’s really just that life kinda caught up with me and finding the time to record my thoughts has been incredibly difficult. Not to bore anyone with the excuses, lets get caught up real quick!

Towards the end of 2015 we finally took advantage of living this far north and did some skiing at Whitetail Resort.


As you can tell it was unseasonably warm but the snow stuck around so we kept at it.

Shortly after that, at the beginning of 2016 Melissa and I were lucky enough to attend ‘A Night for Justice’ for Adnan Syed. If you’ve been listening to Serial like we have this would have been just as exciting for you as it was for us. The thing is that when we started listening to Serial we lived in Florida and all the places and things that they were talking about were alien to us and far away. Now that we live in MD, everything they mention in the podcast is not only more real, but it’s close! So when they mentioned that there was going to be a gala event in Baltimore, a mere 45 min drive from our home, we jumped at the chance.


That panel is everyone from Undisclosed and the Truth and Justice podcasts. And that’s Susan Simpson from Undisclosed in the picture with us.

During the dinner, Adnan actually called Rabia’s cell phone and took questions from the audience. It was pretty nuts.

I went down to Fl a few times for various celebrations.


We were lucky enough to attend a few weddings. Namely the Tombler wedding and my oldest friend Rich’s wedding where I was honored to be the best man.


Then I finally got the chance to do some fishing up here, it took a while but everything finally lined up. The good people of the Lexianna took us out with Jason of the Sapphire Lounge in Bethesda and a few others for a good time on the water.



There are some other things coming but I feel like they deserver their own posts so I’ll leave them for that.

It’s good to be back.




Some type of way…

Posted in CovertFishing, Doin' Work, Makin' moves, TSLiving! with tags , , , , , , , on February 7, 2015 by robdc

Today we were introduced to the world of fishing in this universe that is Tropic Star Lodge. It was almost too much, almost… This place has dialed in the art of fishing to a precision that is bordering on magic. We begin the day with bait fishing which was already a reality check for how far away this place was from what I knew to previously be fishing. In many other past experiences if you wanted to catch a Bonito Tuna (which in these past cases is the thing you want to ultimately catch) you set your spoon and have your fight and reel it in, serve with some ponzu and you’re good. When I went to pull up my first hit in our Bonito Tuna run, I felt like these might be some new super strand of hulk Bonitos. When I got the catch to the surface I realized what was going on… This place fishes with such hyper efficiency that one fish per line is not good enough, the lines are baited with 2 spoons and hooks placed about 3 feet apart and tossed into a school almost guaranteeing that 2 fish are caught (providing twice the fight) with every cast. I landed twice in about 5 minutes netting 4 Bonitos which is pretty much mind blowing considering the usual pace of fishing. 4 fish in 5 minutes, this was already looking like a banner day. 15 min, tops in the bait grounds then we were off. I got over excited and lost the first Black marlin we hooked (an 450+lbs according to our crew), but that’s ok because a second hit the same bate before I could reel it in to check it. That was all within 10 minutes of leaving the bait grounds. So, to recap the pace set for the day, 25 minutes into the trip and I’ve pulled 4 tuna and a marlin out of the water. The time scale has just been blown apart.

Not to bore with more details about every battle or catch today, here’s the final count for our boat and some pictures.

2 – Black Marlin (200-300lb)

1 – Pacific Sailfish (150lb)

5 – Dorado (30-45lb)

Not bad for the first day out.


RobMahi WP_20150201_049_tonemapped


Here are a couple from when Sergio and Eric landed Dorados at the same time.

DoubleHook DoubleHook1

And here’s from when Sergio tackled our captain (his new best friend) off the side of the boat.

BFFs Day one in the books, time to rest up and do it all again tomorrow.

Coje lo,


Talk into the microphone, squidbrain!

Posted in CovertFishing, Doin' Work, Makin' moves with tags , , , , on February 7, 2015 by robdc

2015 is here and it is time for more epic adventure time. This time, by an incredible set of coincidences and over 2 years of planning we managed to get 4 bartenders to Tropic Star Lodge in Panama right as we launch Covert Fishing LLC. The overlap is more than just a coincidence as it makes for a beyond perfect platform to showcase our new brand and plug us in with the absolute top of the fishing food chain.

Shirts1After arriving in Panama city and trying to get some sleep, we start stirring to catch our flights but as soon as we get to the (teeny tiny) airport we quickly realize that something is wrong… “there was a backup on earlier flights, it will be just 45 min longer” Then an hour after that that… “great news, you guys are getting a free bus tour” This actually worked out for us since we had bypassed the actual canal the day before and were pretty mad at ourselves over it. This “bus tour” was just us getting put in a van and driven around till the plane was ready, lucky for us the driver was a nice guy about taking us wherever we wanted and was incredibly knowledgeable about the canal. We also visited a national park for a short hike which was also quite pleasant.

IMG_0452_tonemapped GOPR0027_tonemapped

Once the planes were ready the trip was off to an extremely exciting start, the puddle jumper to the lodge was an exhilarating way of getting anywhere but flying so close to land and seeing the lodge and the 200 yard landing strip really put things in perspective, we were easily 100 miles from the nearest paved road and the sole purpose of this place was fishing.

WP_20150131_050 WP_20150131_055

Of course we needed some in flight entertainment…

WP_20150131_070Here’s a shot of Tropic Star Lodge and Piñas bay as we swoop over to land.

PinasBayFromAbove  A shot of the landing strip from the ground, I never found the admiral’s club.

LandingStripTomorrow we begin the fishing and I can’t wait to get started. This place has already proven to be something completely new to me and we haven’t even gotten to the meat and potatoes yet. I’ll have to stop now as the dinner situation here is kind of strict and the bell just rang.

Coje lo,


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