Qui, Quo, Qua…

When I left in January, I had very little idea of what was ahead. I had a one way ticket and absolutely no clue about when I would be coming back to the states. The one promise I made myself was that, no matter what, I would celebrate my 30th birthday on the road. Today I sit on a plane en rout to Lisbon, 3 decades into a life that I am very much enjoying living.

The city of choice for the celebration was London and I’m very thankful that two of my favorite people were able to come out from Florence to join me. The three of us (or Qui, Quo, Qua {Huey Dewey and Louie in Italian}) ran around London for a few days eating, drinking and laughing our way through all the highlights we could possibly fit in.

We had the good fortune of staying near the meat market so there were several delectable steak houses right near our flat. I partook in an insane wagyu filet on our second day out, from the grill on the market, that was second only to “El Botin” in my book. Diana had lived here in the past and had some affairs she needed to attend to, so Kerry and I hit the town. The funny thing is that Kerry had been here before but had never just gone for a long walk around in some of the spots that I thought were a must on my first visit to the land of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Who.

I found a nice spot called Skylounge to start our walk with a couple of cocktails and a nice view.

IMG_6878_tonemappedNow here’s something that angers me for two reasons: Firstly because it means I was wrong and ignorant about something pretty huge and, secondly because movies and TV have led me astray…

I always thought that this:

IMG_6888_tonemappedwas London Bridge… Well, it’s not. It’s tower bridge, in London. London bridge is a quite functional looking thing with no real style or design quirks of note. In fact, if you google image search ‘london bridge’ only 4 of the first 15 images are actually of London bridge, the other 11… you guessed it, tower bridge.

We headed west along the river Thames and I snapped a few shots along the way.

IMG_6889_tonemapped IMG_6892_tonemapped

Night fell quickly but I managed to get some decent shots of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Even managed to get one or two of the girls.

IMG_6915 IMG_6922


Then I proceeded to do something that has become a bit of a loose tradition for me; a freeze in foreign places. To date I have pictures doing this on our beach in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, in front of the Eifel tower, in Tokyo station and now in front of Big Ben. I’m going to make a folder containing all of these pictures and label it “look here whenever you start to take yourself too seriously” and plan on continuing the tradition in front of many other monuments all over the planet.

IMG_6899  IMG_6905

The next day we were market bound. We started at Portobello road which held many gems for Kerry but where we ended up was more my speed. Camden Town is where all the grimier elements of London rock have chosen to congeal and eat street food and sell trinkets. It’s fun as hell. There is any and everything for sale in the stalls and stores and the style is all it’s own.

IMG_6933_tonemappedWe stopped at Proud’s terrace bar to plan our dinner for the night which ended up being a very hearty and delicious ramen selection at Sato. Then we headed to Grand Union to wait till midnight and take shots for my dirty thirty.

In all London did not disappoint and I had a fantastic time with some fantastic people. But it is with a great deal of sadness that I said goodbye to Kerry and Diana. These two redheads have been some of the best hosts and even better company so to them I say goodbye for now and, above all else, thank you.

IMG_6936For the next few days I’ll be running around Lisbon and I look forward to what Portugal has to offer, but for now I’m going to take a nap and think about what it feels like to be considered old school by a generation that was born with cell phones in hand and twitter being a thing that matters.



One Response to “Qui, Quo, Qua…”

  1. Courtney Says:

    I love reading about your travels! I hope you write a book one day!!!

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