On spatial situation, travel as therapy

I’m sitting in Parque del Retiro, having a drink and taking in the day.


An accordion plays “summertime” across the way. My thoughts briefly dart to that song’s origins as a spiritual, Billie Holiday’s version plays in my head. I drift again and start to put real thought into why spatial situation is so conducive to my mental and spiritual health. Relativity scenarios start overlapping: You sit on a plane and are bored because to you, you aren’t moving while, if you told a person 200 years ago that you were sitting in a metal tube, several thousand feet above the ground, moving at a few hundred miles per hour with very little concern about the things going on, their head might explode. Sitting on a beach vs sitting in a prison cell, there are obvious advantages to one but if you’re happy inside your own head, closing your eyes in either would get you to the same mental place, or so one would think. The issue is, people are only so good at actively dulling the senses and tuning out the world around them, no matter how happy you are, only the greatest meditative minds can truly exclude the senses and retreat into themselves. Since I am no Zen master, and have a tough time tuning out the outside world while actually trying to meditate, I travel. I know it’s cheating, rather than concentrating or willing the input to one of my senses, I put it in the place it would like to be. I want to feel sand and water, I go to a beach. This is obviously not always possible and sometimes takes weeks or months to organize but for a humble mind that is incapable of proper mediation, it’s the best I’ve got.

Enough of the thought spiral I found myself in earlier, lets see where I’ve been running around the past couple of days. I have missed Madrid and can’t believe that it’s been 8 years since I was last here.

IMG_6754_tonemapped IMG_6755_tonemapped

IMG_6770_tonemapped IMG_6771_tonemapped IMG_6775_tonemapped

Breakfast of “broken eggs” fueled a very pleasant walk through the city where I promptly got lost. I kept in a general direction until I found the park. The lazy pace of the day led to an ability to conduct some experiments as far as how much natural light is too much. Some examples:

IMG_6756_tonemapped IMG_6757_tonemapped

IMG_6773_tonemapped IMG_6774_tonemapped

IMG_6776_tonemapped IMG_6777_tonemapped

I, personally, prefer the shadowy images, but that’s just me. Anywho, I did some more running around and found the deeper parts of this truly enormous park which held some hidden jewels such as the “Crystal palace.”

IMG_6796_tonemapped IMG_6801_tonemapped

IMG_6802_tonemappedTomorrow I’ll head towards the center of town and check out Plaza Mayor but for now I’ll just just hope that I rise up singing.



One Response to “On spatial situation, travel as therapy”

  1. I’ve never thought of travel in that way before.

    Madrid is magic 🙂

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