A quick taste of Belgium

Thanks to Pedro and Kerry I found myself in Brussels today and got to run around the city getting lost and taking shots of many types. The main city center is breathtaking and the spire shooting up from it serves as a great waypoint when navigating about the place.

IMG_6688_tonemapped IMG_6690_tonemapped


We went out on the town the night I arrived and I am not ashamed to admit that I had a more than moderate hangover to nurse on my first day waking up in Belgium. The phone rang, I answered it, and back up I was, meeting Pedro and Kerry in the bar of my hotel, the marvelously decadent (please read in hedonism-bot’s voice) Royal Windsor which I booked completely by accident. As far as mistakes go, though, this was an incredibly pleasant one.

IMG_6737  A small dose of some hair of the dog and back out on the town we were. Sure there were plenty of things we could have done with this day, go to Bruges or Ghent, see a museum, visit the FN factory at Herstal… did we do any of these? No… God no. Of course not.  We found the nearest and best purveyor of finely prepared animal parts and fermented spirits and began the party! A not so carefully planned day of getting lost in Brussels while zig-zagging through bars and restaurants followed, I kept my lens cap off and tried to capture as much as I could while not letting the camera become a hindrance.

IMG_6699_tonemapped IMG_6712_tonemapped

IMG_6717_tonemapped IMG_6728_tonemapped

IMG_6731_tonemapped IMG_6732_tonemapped

Brussels is huge on art and. thank god, it spills onto the streets. There are a bunch of insanely talented artists flexing their muscle around the city and even some internationally famous names have pieces displayed around town.

IMG_6692_tonemapped IMG_6702_tonemapped


Space invader even had some work up:


After many drinks and tons of walking and at least two meals, we thought we were thoroughly lost and quite far away from where we started, but like most things in life, we were wrong. A five minute walk found us right back at the spire at around 2 in the morning, it was Sunday night and nothing was open. We had been kicked out of 2 bars already. It was time to turn in.

Taking the road less traveled by and diverting my path to see Pedro and Kerry in Brussels was one of the best decisions I’ve made in quite some time. Thanks for the laughs, I’ll catch you on the next one.



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