Tomato to-ma-to, potato ….

It’s with a heavy heart that I leave Florence today. The experience has been beyond anything I could have foreseen on the way in and that is in no small part due to my hosts while I was here, Kerry and Diana deserve most of the credit for why this leg of the trip was so damn refreshing and awe inspiring.

 IMG_3846 IMG_3782 

Kerry was kind enough to take me in as a roommate for my time in Florence and for that I will forever be in her debt. Check out the view from her skylight.


It’s a little known fact that nearly every view in Italy has at least one crane in it… Damn cranes.

A quick note to anyone who hasn’t been to Florence: Watch where you walk. Lots of people have dogs here and there is no grass. I think I’m being generous when I estimate that about half of the dog owners in Florence bother to pick up after their pets. This equates to very narrow sidewalks with extremely regular potential day ruiners scattered about, so… Watch your step.

I understand the idea of limited real-estate in these ancient cities but among the unintended side effects, the things people are ok with driving around really crack me up.

IMG_6259_tonemapped IMG_6553_tonemapped

I’m pretty sure this is a later model of the “car” that Steve Urkel drove around…

IMG_6552_tonemapped While most of the Florentine street art is not much to phone home about, mostly teenagers with stock tips who watch Spaceballs on loop, apparently. (“Barf” appears to be the most prolific bomber with a possible pseudonym or crew member throwing up “Yogurt”) Big burners along the railways but nothing amazing. That being said, there is some street art of note.

There is a very peculiar street artist here who seems completely unencumbered by the police. He certainly owes more than a little of his livelihood to a certain British fellow who has made an art of modifying existing street signs, but his work is refreshing and appears to be embraced by the city (I gathered that by the dual facts that his stuff is literally everywhere and he has a shop in town where he sells kits to do more of his work all over Europe and no one seems to care).

IMG_6231_tonemapped IMG_6315_tonemapped

IMG_6316_tonemapped IMG_6317_tonemapped

IMG_6318_tonemapped IMG_6323_tonemapped

IMG_6329_tonemapped IMG_6314_tonemapped

There is also someone going around putting up modified versions of classical portraits. Most of them just have scuba gear added, which is a joke I’m not sure I get completely but, again, it’s refreshing to see someone branching out and doing something new even if it’s with something old.


Again, I really can’t thank Kerry and Diana enough for putting up with me and making sure that I didn’t have a dull second in Florence, Venice or Montepulciano. I’ll make it up to you both some day, I promise.

Just so I don’t forget, here is one of my favorite shots of the past few days when Kerry jumped on stage with the Beatles cover band and helped out with “Hey Jude,” Ringo really took a shine to her for some reason.




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