A new set of eyes

After returning from Venice we have been doing a good amount of the usual: running around to the more highly recommended restaurants and trying to see Firenze from different angles to really appreciate it. Today I think we accomplished that. We ran around finding unique vantage points and I think I was able to capture a good amount of the effect.

The day finally cleared up:

IMG_6487_tonemapped We found a rooftop cafe and had some Campari orange and Belinis

IMG_6508_tonemappedIt offered a new look at Il Duomo:

IMG_6506_tonemappedThen Kerry suggested a place she had heard about but never actually been to, a rooftop bar hidden away in a hotel on the river. If we could find it, we’d be in for some spectacular views. We fumbled around the Ponte Vecchio for a while then finally stumbled into this place where apparently this suits as an elevator:

IMG_6515_tonemapped IMG_6520_tonemapped

I’ve lived in apartments more poorly appointed than that elevator, which only moved one floor by the way. Extravagance at it’s very best.

Once we ran around the hotel for a while, without anyone even asking a single question, oddly enough, we found the legendary spot.

IMG_6539_tonemapped IMG_6530_tonemapped

Dusk is quickly becoming my favorite time to shoot, at least in Florence.

IMG_6528_tonemapped IMG_6540_tonemapped

That little bottle simply sais “CUBA” on it, it contains some rum chocolate drink and I picked it up at a bodega earlier in the day, I have no idea why I felt that it was just what this picture needed.

Ponte Vecchio was fantastic from up here. I love that the bridge was originally occupied by mostly butchers but the Medici got tired of the smell every time they took their private walkway from the offices to the palace so they decreed that only jewelry was to be sold there, so it stays a bastion of exorbitantly priced precious stones and bent metals to this very day.

IMG_6538_tonemapped IMG_6543_tonemapped

Then we messed around in the elevators for a bit…

IMG_6524_tonemapped IMG_6525_tonemapped

IMG_6550_tonemappedI still can’t believe that no one asked us for a room key or why the hell we were running around this lavish ass place. Elevator rooms?!

Ok well, that’s it for today although there are many things I’d like to remember like nutella in bed (definitely a high point in my life) and some other highlights, I’m running low on time and we leave to Tuscany tomorrow, can’t wait to see what car we get after booking the “special mini” category. Gotta go!



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