Mission Binkey

For Kerry’s born day we decided to head to Venice for a few days, it seamed like a good idea at the time. Of course we are not the masters of planning that we think we are so we arrived in these conditions:

Weather: constant rain

Temp: 45F

Tides apparently the highest they will be this year.

All of which mean that the city was underwater for a good portion of our visit. Did we let that slow us down for even one second? Absofuckinglutely not!

I ran to the store the night we got in, which is apparently something I shouldn’t be allowed to do on my own because the things I picked up seemed a little odd. Rum, Brie, milk, some breadsticks… as random as those things seemed, they made for a great breakfast the next day which got us all ready to set out on Venezia.

IMG_6348_tonemapped IMG_6355_tonemapped

Like I said, the rain was a constant factor so get ready for lots of rainy ass pictures.

In the morning of the first day the street below our apartment was completely flooded, people were wading around in a foot of water like it was no thing. We were not as prepared for this and had to find a Band-Aid to the situation which came in the form of what we affectionately called “boot condoms.” Devices were sold in many local shops to waterproof you to just under knee level. Luckily we never had to use them because they made you look like a buffoon.

IMG_6368_tonemapped IMG_6371_tonemapped

We mostly roamed the city that first day and ended the night at Café Centrale where they apparently specialize in foam reductions on drinks, no lime garnishes here, lime foam is king.

IMG_6406 IMG_6411

At midnight it was Kerry’s b-day so we had a mini celebration at our apartment.

IMG_6419 IMG_6425

The next day we got up in similar fashion, had some cheeses and cured meats and headed back on the town. This time we started with a boat up the Grand Canal where we got to take a look at the city from the water. It made for some very nice views.

IMG_6427_tonemapped IMG_6439_tonemapped

IMG_6452_tonemapped IMG_6455_tonemapped


This Gondolieri refused to be beat by the weather, he was going to do his job no matter what:


So the thing to get used to here is that since there are only canals and alleys everything is done by boat. You want to get to a part of town that you don’t feel like walking to? Call one of these guys:

IMG_6456_tonemappedSomeone is breaking into your house?! Call the cops!

IMG_6462_tonemappedAnother thing I found interesting after a friend asked “what do you do if there’s a fire?” to which I replied “swim or burn seem like the only options” sarcastically… Apparently I was closer to reality than I thought. The soot on the door ways and windows of these places are from fires which apparently ravaged the city in the past.

IMG_6440_tonemapped   IMG_6441_tonemapped

After much more running around, Kerry and I had some time to kill before our reservation at Al Gondolieri so we headed to the Devil’s Forest.

IMG_6481This place is an actual pub, thank god! They had good drinks, a serious variety and… and … THERE WAS A RUGBY MATCH JUST STARTING! (England vs France) Kerry had never seen rugby before so this was a treat, and, wouldn’t you know it, she is now a fan!

After the pub and the match we headed to Al Gondilieri where we had a meal I will be trying to out do for years to come, beef risotto?! tartar, veal, the whole Magilla!

Ok the liquor cart is closing in on me so I gotta go, but here are some closing thoughts from Venice.IMG_6482Cojelo,


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