Last night Diana and I had a fantastic dinner at Il Latini where I was first exposed to the holistic charging system of this type of restaurant. A carafe of red wine (of which I am apparently developing a taste for) sits on the table, when you finish it a new one is brought. The food is ordered but nothing is written down. At the end of the meal our server has a brief discussion, kind of about our meal, with the man at the table next to us, who later introduced himself as the owner, and a price is scribbled on a sheet of notebook paper. They have no idea what we had, and I have no idea what it should have cost but the mans offer seemed reasonable and judging by the waves of limoncello that followed I think we reached an amicable agreement.

Before or after, I took more pictures running around with Kerry:

IMG_6271_tonemapped IMG_6273_tonemapped

IMG_6275_tonemapped IMG_6282_tonemapped


I found MC Escher’s pad…

IMG_6310_tonemapped IMG_6311_tonemapped

We managed to get a couple of pictures with us actually in them.

IMG_6279_tonemapped IMG_6322_tonemapped

And this is the One Eyed Jack, Fabio knows pretty much everyone here so they treat us fantastically which equates to us stopping in here pretty much every day for a least one or two before doing anything else.

IMG_6331_tonemappedTrain + wine = tired me so I think that’s it for now.



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