Dio Mio!

As we started moving around today Kerry told me that she had a surprise for me. We start walking and find ourselves at the four seasons where I’m told the best brunch in town can be had.

We were about an hour early for brunch but were given drink menus to occupy us until the smorgasbord began.

There was one thing in particular on the menu that I had to get in honor of my dad. Anyone who ever came to our annual x-mass party knows that he used to push the Kir Royals like they were crack, so I couldn’t resist, this one is for you dad Rest In Power.

IMG_6206Kerry dressed to match our scenery:

IMG_6204Then the feast began… This wasn’t really the type of place where snapping a quick shot of each course was encouraged so I had to resist but when we were led into the kitchen and I had to explicitly tell the chef “todas las carnes” I needed to document the glorious spread that was presented back to me.

IMG_6208  After way too many courses and wine we headed back out on the town where I was able to procure a second pair of pants and more photo stuff happened.

IMG_6222_tonemapped IMG_6227_tonemapped

IMG_6213_tonemapped IMG_6220_tonemapped

IMG_6233_tonemapped IMG_6235_tonemapped IMG_6240_tonemapped

IMG_6247_tonemapped IMG_6252_tonemapped

IMG_6254_tonemapped Wine helps Kerry unwind…

IMG_6224_tonemapped(new) IMG_6228_tonemapped

I did manage to get one normal one though.

IMG_6261_tonemappedAnd now it’s time for a nap, all this eating and drinking is exhausting.

I’m out,


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