Firenze through the lens

We went out last night to Mateo’s place where he cooked a fantastic meal for everyone, then we went out to a few establishments which may or may not have served alcohol. Yada yada yada… I woke up on a couch and decided that it was time to actually get some shots in of the city, so I threw my camera strap on and went out on my own for a bit. Here are the results:

IMG_6126_tonemapped IMG_6129_tonemapped

IMG_6127_tonemapped IMG_6150_tonemapped IMG_6175_tonemapped

IMG_6133_tonemapped IMG_6139_tonemapped

IMG_6145_tonemapped IMG_6146_tonemapped

IMG_6152_tonemapped IMG_6158_tonemapped

IMG_6165_tonemapped IMG_6180_tonemapped

IMG_6186_tonemappedNow although I was out on my own, I did adhere to my very strict set of rules for this type of sight seeing. Grab a nice scotch, take in the experience of all that’s going on around you, then take a picture.

IMG_6189_tonemappedThat being said, and with all those pictures, it is now time for me to get some food. I’ve been told the restaurant we are headed to has some fantastic steak, let’s hope that’s true.



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