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Posted in Getting the boot on January 30, 2014 by robdc

Last night Diana and I had a fantastic dinner at Il Latini where I was first exposed to the holistic charging system of this type of restaurant. A carafe of red wine (of which I am apparently developing a taste for) sits on the table, when you finish it a new one is brought. The food is ordered but nothing is written down. At the end of the meal our server has a brief discussion, kind of about our meal, with the man at the table next to us, who later introduced himself as the owner, and a price is scribbled on a sheet of notebook paper. They have no idea what we had, and I have no idea what it should have cost but the mans offer seemed reasonable and judging by the waves of limoncello that followed I think we reached an amicable agreement.

Before or after, I took more pictures running around with Kerry:

IMG_6271_tonemapped IMG_6273_tonemapped

IMG_6275_tonemapped IMG_6282_tonemapped


I found MC Escher’s pad…

IMG_6310_tonemapped IMG_6311_tonemapped

We managed to get a couple of pictures with us actually in them.

IMG_6279_tonemapped IMG_6322_tonemapped

And this is the One Eyed Jack, Fabio knows pretty much everyone here so they treat us fantastically which equates to us stopping in here pretty much every day for a least one or two before doing anything else.

IMG_6331_tonemappedTrain + wine = tired me so I think that’s it for now.




Dio Mio!

Posted in Getting the boot on January 26, 2014 by robdc

As we started moving around today Kerry told me that she had a surprise for me. We start walking and find ourselves at the four seasons where I’m told the best brunch in town can be had.

We were about an hour early for brunch but were given drink menus to occupy us until the smorgasbord began.

There was one thing in particular on the menu that I had to get in honor of my dad. Anyone who ever came to our annual x-mass party knows that he used to push the Kir Royals like they were crack, so I couldn’t resist, this one is for you dad Rest In Power.

IMG_6206Kerry dressed to match our scenery:

IMG_6204Then the feast began… This wasn’t really the type of place where snapping a quick shot of each course was encouraged so I had to resist but when we were led into the kitchen and I had to explicitly tell the chef “todas las carnes” I needed to document the glorious spread that was presented back to me.

IMG_6208  After way too many courses and wine we headed back out on the town where I was able to procure a second pair of pants and more photo stuff happened.

IMG_6222_tonemapped IMG_6227_tonemapped

IMG_6213_tonemapped IMG_6220_tonemapped

IMG_6233_tonemapped IMG_6235_tonemapped IMG_6240_tonemapped

IMG_6247_tonemapped IMG_6252_tonemapped

IMG_6254_tonemapped Wine helps Kerry unwind…

IMG_6224_tonemapped(new) IMG_6228_tonemapped

I did manage to get one normal one though.

IMG_6261_tonemappedAnd now it’s time for a nap, all this eating and drinking is exhausting.

I’m out,


Firenze through the lens

Posted in Getting the boot on January 25, 2014 by robdc

We went out last night to Mateo’s place where he cooked a fantastic meal for everyone, then we went out to a few establishments which may or may not have served alcohol. Yada yada yada… I woke up on a couch and decided that it was time to actually get some shots in of the city, so I threw my camera strap on and went out on my own for a bit. Here are the results:

IMG_6126_tonemapped IMG_6129_tonemapped

IMG_6127_tonemapped IMG_6150_tonemapped IMG_6175_tonemapped

IMG_6133_tonemapped IMG_6139_tonemapped

IMG_6145_tonemapped IMG_6146_tonemapped

IMG_6152_tonemapped IMG_6158_tonemapped

IMG_6165_tonemapped IMG_6180_tonemapped

IMG_6186_tonemappedNow although I was out on my own, I did adhere to my very strict set of rules for this type of sight seeing. Grab a nice scotch, take in the experience of all that’s going on around you, then take a picture.

IMG_6189_tonemappedThat being said, and with all those pictures, it is now time for me to get some food. I’ve been told the restaurant we are headed to has some fantastic steak, let’s hope that’s true.



Once again getting the boot

Posted in Getting the boot on January 23, 2014 by robdc

After snowpocalypse in DC where the Segermeisters once again proved that they are some of the best hosts in the world and nursed me back to health, I sadly said goodbye to the US for a little bit and headed out to see what some other parts of the world have to offer for a while.

Bailey, will be playing the lead role in 9 mile with his hoodie was tough to leave behind:

IMG_3606[1]The view of DC was pretty nice on the way out too:

IMG_3613[1]   IMG_3614[1]

The rest of the trip was pretty hazy and now I’m just happy to be here, time to get my internal clock reset. By that I mean a shower and the beginning of the rum storm that is my stay in Firenze!


Into the wild blue, welcome to Spotted Fawn

Posted in Waxing Idiotic on January 18, 2014 by robdc

Once again the Segermeisters have offered up their services as some of the most fantastic hosts I know. After a full day at Anthem getting some serious work done by SeepyDave I hopped on a plane and landed in DC where we had a quick nights rest. In the morning we got the rest of our provisions together and headed to Spotted Fawn, our home for the next few days.

Traveling with Brando is the only time that I pretty much give up all control and just let the man do his thing, because his thing just happens to be planning. None of us knew what to expect when we got here… We were all equally blown away when we saw where we would be staying out here in the mountains of Virginia.

Driving through the mountains was already a good time:

IMG_3590[1]But once we saw our temporary home, we were floored.

IMG_3591[1]  IMG_3592[1]

IMG_3589[1] IMG_3587[1]

We are adjusting well to our new surroundings.

The rum punch is calling my name so I’m going to join in the festivities for Natalia’s Born day.



Thanks to everyone that made this all possible!!

Posted in Waxing Idiotic on January 9, 2014 by robdc

I have no way of fully thanking all the amazing people who have helped me get this far although I fully intend to try. My travels begin again next week but here is a small dose of what has made for a good time since my last entry.






Happy New Year everyone, lets make this one to remember.

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