Welcome to America

I arrived in D.C. pretty early today, well before noon. Brando picked me up at the airport and off we went. We started the day with some food trucks in Farragut square and headed to what Brando affectionately called a “dive”, the place was called recessions and it was amazing. As we walked in we were the 4th and 5th patrons and the first 3 had a lively conversation going about how to keep your kids off of drugs without being a hypocrite. We had some conversations about work and life and after a bit 2 of the early crowd took off leaving just the two of us and one other patron. After not too long our conversations mixed and man were we in for a doozie. Our new friend was apparently a retired judge and had much in the way of moral dilemmas to discuss. When the subject came up of where I was from he extended his hand to shake mine and said “welcome to America” We spoke about the effect that gender change would have on citizenship and a man who tried to naturalize based on his relationship with a recently deceased wife then, it so happened that we had the same birthday. We were graciously bought a round and then we sadly said our goodbyes. Brando and I headed to ChurchKey and started in with the scotches. We were met by Natalia, Nicole and Christian and then the party seriously got going.


Later we headed to GBD (Golden Brown Delicious) and I had a chicken fried steak which is normally a thin overly fried steak but not here, this was  a chuck steak and fried with great care. We had plenty of fun doing the usual Christian gouging, he’s taken on an “Indian Elvis” or “Tiny Hector Lavoe” look which made it pretty easy to sling barbs.


Unfortunately a combo of weather and lack of opportunity have made the pictures pretty sparse but I’ll work on that, on a pleasant note, we’ve been seeing a bunch of these everywhere and they crack me up:


It was getting late, so we headed back to the Calrisien’s and enjoyed some drinks on the balcony. So much for my first night in D.C. I’m happy everyone was able to make it out.

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