Beep boop, beep boop, beep boop….

Started off the day by piling in the car and picking up Dan, then headed to NY. We stopped in Baltimore (The Wire, woop woop) to get some food. We roamed around for a bit in Greek town then agreed on the Greek Town grill for some souvlaki and it was pretty damn good. We arrived in NY just in time to get unpacked at Melissa’s and hop on the train to the Barkleys Center for The Postal Service. If I’m being honest I wasn’t exactly a huge fan but there was an extra ticket and I’m always open to new musical experiences. They were actually pretty good and thanks to the bar I recognized a few songs, one affectionately known to some of us as the “beep boop song.”


We had some crazy brisket mac and cheese at the arena that was made by the devil himself, they are really stepping up the sports event food around here.

After the show we ended up at a beer garden where we sat, Bavarian style, at huge benches and some large man (wearing a shirt that read simply “sarcasm” which we thought was inappropriate) proposed successfully to his lady, it was pleasant.

I don’t know why I love how the subway looks so much, but I do.


We took off and ended up at a place called Uncle Barry’s where we took shots and got tired. The high point was definitely the show, we are knocked out from that and the travel to NY so I think this will be a short one. 

One Response to “Beep boop, beep boop, beep boop….”

  1. Says:

    Dear Robbie As usual a most entertaining account, I am so glad you do this. Later on life gets complicated and you don’t seem to find the right time. Welcome to America!! Dad

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