Quit being such a Gobsheit!

We have had an amazing time in Belfast. This city has many familiar elements that are reminiscent of Ireland and the UK all together but it is completely evident that this place has some identity issues. Since the troubles the city has become more integrated but I have to say that the only city that I’m reminded of while looking around is Berlin. It is quite evident that only a few years ago this city was divided, the gates are still up as well as the barbed wire. Although the gates are now open around the clock, the fact that they’re still up is a constant reminder that people here were vexed by segregation quite recently.


We’ve been doing our usual rounds, eating and drinking at the highest standard possible but the main event here has been the street art. Because of Belfast’s political past it has become a haven for street artists, especially along the dividing wall that used to keep the Catholics separated from the Protestants during the troubles.


That’s one of the many gates still up around the city center. Here’s what we did with most of the rest of our day.





We managed to have some pretty serious traditional meals, a couple of Irish stews and some fish and chips. But after our run around the city we found some pretty choice spots, we headed to ‘Made in Belfast’ where we had everything from duck to pork belly, I had a lamb dish that provided a pretty decent base for the rest of the night’s escapades. I tried to chart out a path to a couple of bars but my directions weren’t exactly the clearest so we relied on the kindness of the Belfast locals to get us to the watering holes we were looking for.

We started at Muriel’s where the crowd was happy but dwindling then we headed to the Spaniard. We weren’t sure what to expect but once we saw the spot and the rum selection I was sure I had found my home in Belfast.



That’s enough for now, I gotta pass the hell out before hopping a train back to Dublin. It will be nice to be running around a city that I’m familiar with again.



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