I made it to Seattle this time!!

considering the massive cock up that US Airways turned my last attempt to get to Seattle into, I took steps to not find myself in that some predicament again. 1. Don’t fly US Airways 2. Give myself a solid day of padding just in case. The day of padding paid off since it gave me a chance to run around Seattle a bit bore the work responsibilities kicked in.

I started as most people would, in the market. Ate at a marvelous place called Matt’s in the Market. The brisket sandwich seemed like a joke and my attempt to eat it like an actual sandwich ended in defeat. I fell back to the stake knife that I should have taken as a warning and got to work. The bar was particularly well kept and I watched the bar lady, Tammy, make a particularly delicious looking mimosa and say to it’s happy recipient “Eat the orange at the end, we cooked it in simple syrup.” Now that’s an attention to detail that I can appreciate. I sampled the Sea Wynde Jamaican rum and had a scotch for desert.


I settled up and went wandering around the market for a bit when I saw a crowd gathered. I made my way to the front where I saw a small blonde girl tossing what must have been 10 lbs of tuna to a man in overalls. I didn’t have my camera out in time but I was able to catch some of the pros at work a little later.



Seattle had some odd sites to take in but the city is pretty lively as far as art and personality are concerned. I stopped by a place called Shorty’s while I planned my next move. I liked this place, it had a ton of flavor. And the booths were pinball tables which I thought was pretty cool.


I wandered around downtown a bit before making my way to the space needle. Took in some more sites then decided on Tilikum place.


Luckily this place was right by the Needle.


So I sit down at the bar, start looking over the menu and order a Laphroaig. When it arrives the bartender says “that’s compliments of the lady at the end of the bar.” Sure enough it was Tammy from Matt’s. I bought her a drink to say thanks and she came over to join me for dinner, where she commented that I apparently had good taste. I didn’t want to destroy this illusion and confess that Yelp was pretty much what made all my eating decisions today, so I didn’t. Who was that lie going to hurt? No one, that’s who. So I finished my delectable dinner and headed to Redmond. Thanks Seattle, this was a delicious encounter, and your locals are pretty damn nice too, who’d a thunk?




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