Now entering NOHO

The trip in was a bit taxing, using miles to get from Gainesville to LA meant 2 transfers and over 12 hours in the air. Luckily it was more than worth it, our gracious host, Amber, facilitated a phenomenal first couple of days in Cali. Thanks to her we were able to have a bit of a buffer between switching coasts and entering the maw that is Coachella.

I’m writing this from our rental car on the way back from Palm Springs to LA after the madness and any particular details that are written here are either coming from Melissa’s gernal or our collective memories.

The first night in we got in late and headed to Big Wangs, had a couple of drinks and turned in. We awoke and started out on our adventure of the nearby cities. We had mostly been to this part of Cali before but everyone for specific reasons so we decided to do the touristy stuff. We saw the Hollywood sign and moved around Grauman’s theatre, the starwalks and such. It was pretty rough, and the level of pandering was embarrassing. I’m sure the Micky and Darth Vader charging for pictures were not licensed by Disney and Lucas, respectively, because they were thoroughly depressing.


We had some drinks at a quick spot and headed out for a scenic drive down the coast.


The drive up the pacific coast highway was beautiful. I’ve lived on the water for most of my life but the east coast is all level and lined with beaches, because of this the concept of mountains and cliffs is invigorating to me. On a beach you fear rip tides and animals, here gravity could kill you. I don’t know why the mortality of the scene makes it more breathtaking to me but, there it is. We ran up the coast for a few hours, snapping pictures and stopping occasionally to take in the view.


Here’s my favorite shot of the ride.


Then we pulled off to El Matador, a beach about as north as we were prepared to go that day. The view was spectacular.




I’ll have to break here since the drive back is proving slightly more involved than we had anticipated.



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