The day Movies and TV led me to believe everyone lives in NY all the time

We started today off with a quick run to Go Go Curry. There is an
issue I’ve had with curry ever since going to Japan. Every time I see
curry I go nuts then order a whole bunch and wind up disappointed
since curry in the US apparently means something completely different.
Go Go Curry is Japanese curry and Jesus Christ do I love this stuff!IMG_3830IMG_3831

Our stomachs full we headed out on the town. It was too damn cold to see any of the parks that NY is famous for but Brando had found something called a pop up park in soho and we headed in that direction. Once we got there we all agreed that there was something off about this whole situation. Apparently this is an art gallery during the summer months but in the winter they remove all the art and line the walls with vinyls of actual parks then fill the place with astroturf, fake plants and park benches. Melissa’s first words when we found a spot to sit were “I don’t think I’m cool enough to be in here.”

IMG_3836 IMG_3832

Natalia made herself right at home.


There was a photo-shoot going on next to us but other than that people were treating this like a normal park, we quickly looked for something else because this just felt off.

Our hastily made lunch plans let us to epistrophy, an Italian diner that just so happened to have a liquor license. Where they sat us was odd because we were on a little stage at the focal point of the establishment which led to an already loud (4/5 Latin) group sort of making a spectacle of ourselves. As the drinks kept coming the topic of conversation ranged from geopolitical collapse to the zombie apocalypse, a spectacular time was had by all and the seemingly authentically Italian waitress started to take a shine to us.




Now that we had the ball rolling we headed back out on the town, it had snowed some more and Brandon took this opportunity to bash Christian with a snowball. Although this was a bit cruel because he had already been complaining about the cold (and mourning his popped buttons) it was pretty hilarious to the rest of us. Then we made our way to Trinity Pub.



Trinity pub was your standard Irish affair but it did turn me on to a phenomenon that I haven’t seen anywhere else but NY. I’ve seen signs at other bars in town for “guest bartending nights” but hadn’t bothered asking until now. Apparently if you can guarantee that 30 people will show up the bar will let you bartend yourself and you split the tips with the bar 50/50 while taking a cut of the sales (usually 10%-20%). I thought this was a very cool idea and contemplated getting a trip together for this sole purpose, but that’s for later.

Our main dinner event for the night was an arepa bar, which was an alien concept to me, called Caracas. Until the moment I walked into this place arepas were corn tortias with cheese on them, sometimes the more adventurous South-American cultures will put some ropa vieja in there or a slice of ham but that was it. This place took it to another level. There were arepas for every palette and everything was gourmet which is another word I would have never associated with arepas. There was a bit of a wait so we headed to Lunasa pub to kill some time before we could be seated, it was right around the corner.

This place is insanity, we ordered the meat lovers platter which had an asortment of pork, beef and chicken arepas, all scrumptious. Then I had ‘el pabellon’ which had pulled pork, beans, rice and platanos maduros in there. In a god damned arepa?! Oh yes. The gourmet twists to foods I had been eating my whole life did not stop there. Tostones with a crazy cilantro aioli? Yuuuup.


After stuffing our faces we stopped in at Venieros bakery for Brando to pick up some pastries he planned on having for breakfast the next couple of days and we headed home.

In all this trip was chalk full of delicious food and gut twisting laughs. NY is always good to me but it felt like it went the extra mile this time, what a great way to kick off 2012. I’ll end this with a few pictures that didn’t really fall into the narrative of what we did but still had a great deal of input on the time I had.




(as always by putting a copyright symbol on these pictures I’m not saying I own any of the art in the pictures just the pictures themselves)

Cojelo con take it easy,


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