Quite the steal

After Highline we had plans to go to the MOMA. Brando, as usual, had found out that if we go at this time on this day we don’t have to pay anything to get in. But on the way we stopped at BXL Belgian Café for some frites and a couple of drinks.

On our way to the MOMA we happened upon some very nice, very rushed gentlemen. They had a rack of winter coats and a proclamation, that any coat on the rack cost only $20 but they had to be bought RIGHT NOW!, there was fur and wool and all sorts of stuff, I had my eyes on a cashmere number and could not pass up that price point, so I wore 2 coats for the rest of the day.

The MOMA was populated by many pieces of art, but the main theme of the museum at this moment is, I guess, what you’d call post feminist.



After MOMA was one of the moments we were all waiting for on this trip… NINJA! Our reservation at Ninja was finally here! I couldn’t wait. Was the place a bit gimmicky? Yes. Was it an experience? Hell yes! And complete bonus, the food was absolutely fantastic. We entered through the ‘Ninja’s path’ which is basically just a narrow winding set of stair cases that bypass the restaurants other patrons. We sat in our secluded little area and waited for the show to start. Our first server was very much Asian and dressed in what I can only assume is business casual for ninjas. He flung out the menu scrolls dramatically and laid them on the table. Many quips and ninja references are snuck into every string of words anyone lets loose while employed here. You can order a-la carte or in groupings, all of which are ridiculously over stacked with food, but hey, we’re on vacation so what the hell?! I ordered the Sasuke which was 5 courses and started with this:’


Those support dishes had swords through them when the dish arrived and we had to yank them out while screaming to produce the effects you see here. That’s a popcorn shrimp dish up top and goose liver (might as well call it what it is) on the dish next to it. Also there were shrimp and spicy tuna sushi rolls. Some items had ninja stars next to them on the menu which indicated some theatrics or special presentation. Brandon noticed that the Ceasar salad had this marking and wondered how they managed to ninjafy a salad so he ordered it. Turns out what that meant was that Brandon would have to attack the cover of the salad when they brought it to him.

IMG_3805 IMG_3807

It was easily the least impressive aspect of the meal. Those doors up against our table did slide open and at one point a ninja flung them open and yelled at our table, effectively scaring the crap out of everyone for a second. Stuff like that happened throughout the meal. Many of the dishes were set on fire and some of them had some trickery involved in the presentation.


Here are a couple more shots of the crazy stuff that we ordered before thinking through the fact that we were expected to actually eat everything.



Again, running short on time, going to have to finish the rest later in the week.

Cojelo con take it easy,


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