Highline or no line

We awoke Saturday and headed directly to Doughnut Plant, this was a new location closer to the center of Manhattan and had a much more dine in feel than the original location in Chinatown. Thankfully, the selection had not been dumbed down by the establishments further reach.


I had the tres leches and the blackout which had some fudge baked into the center of the ring, my mouth is watering just writing about it.


Then we headed to Highline park, this park used to be a train line that headed to Penn station, it was going to be torn down but the city had it redesigned as a very pleasant walking park above the city. To any avid watchers of Louie this is the spot where he goes after he witnesses that bum get decapitated by a garbage truck to have his deep moment about life and it’s value.


The view was also very nice.


And of course we made time to mess around and have some fun. We were also lucky enough to witness someone adding a bit of beauty to the walk, whether this was sanctioned or not we have no idea, either way I think it only added to the view and the experience.


We walked along and chatted about this and that, my mind was apparently in skit mode because the now infamous rapebies were spawned in this magnificent place. This only gets us into the early afternoon. Seriously, I only got through Highline?! I’ll have to go on later, the plane is landing, gotta run.



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