Portishead in Utrecht!!

Part of the original plan for this trip was to leave Ireland for a bit and meet up with Kerry who had been in Copenhagen. We met in Amsterdam as planned and had a quick bite to eat then I was reminded of a brief moment in Miami right before leaving where they had mentioned a concert going on near Amsterdam while we would be here, I didn’t think much of it until we got here and Kerry presented us with tickets to Portishead! The venue was pretty damn nice and the crowd was as expected, quite varied.


Since Portishead isn’t exactly stuff you rock out to, I was curious as to how the crowd would act, the best description I could give is stoic, rhythmic, thorough enjoyment. The lead singer honestly looked like she started crying during a couple of the more intense songs and Jesus was her performance moving.


Then, after a stellar performance they came out for an encore at the end of which she jumped down into the crowd and made a b-line for us, the guy next to me grabbed her and jumped up and down then when he put her down right in front of me, I snapped a picture then froze, I wanted to say “great show” or something but ,sadly, nothing came out. In a moment where I can only assume her supreme 6th sense for knowing people’s inner feelings jumped into action she leaned in and tickled my belly like the Pillsbury dough boy, I was flattered.


We took some time to let the whole experience sink in on the train ride home, for such an assortment of beautiful and admittedly depressing music the show left us all feeling extremely excited and happy, odd…


The full moon also made for a nice backdrop to the ride home.


That’s it for day 1 in Holland, time to call it a night.



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