Waterford, all three sheets rolled out

It speaks volumes to my traveling acumen that I’ve been through Waterford several times and have yet to visit the crystal factory. Today I made sure to remedy that situation. Annette and Fintan dropped me off outside the factory and I headed in, right away I noticed one glaring fact: I was the youngest visitor by at least half a century. I had anticipated something along these lines, but not at this severity. Regardless I headed into the tour and I’m pretty happy about it. The process, although reasonably straight forward, was very entertaining to see first hand.

First these guys get the glass out of the oven (So hot that it has to stay on 24/7 otherwise it would take 2 weeks to get back to its operating temperature) and blow it into shape by hand.


Then this guy marks it.


Then these guys cut it.

Waterford4  Waterford5

Where necessary these guys arrange and do the specifics for one off orders like this Viking ship.


Finally this guy does all the engraving.


The stuff they had laying around was pretty impressive too, considering it was all made by hand by the few guys in the room. The Factory had been reduced in size greatly recently which pretty much assures that these few men are the best that the craft has to offer.


After the factory I met up with the group again and we headed to the only flyover pub in Ireland, Mead’s under the bridge. We had a few drinks and I managed to get a candid shot of Fintan who has somehow remained out of my lenses line of fire so far.



Then we went for a drive through the coast, apparently Keara’s parents bought a house here a while ago and sold it straight away, I’ll have to have a talk with her dad about this decision.


While we were in the pub I saw this on the wall, I gotta see if I can find one for the bar back home. Waterford16

Alright, time to turn in, more later.



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