We’re up to here with castles, got ‘em laying about the place

It’s with a heavy heart that we leave Killimor, we say goodbye to the fantastic hosts, the free roaming dogs and the other farm life and head back to Waterford.

On our way back we did stop at a few attractions, first of which was a very scenic lake which gave Keara and I a chance to practice acting like fools, something we do rarely and with great discretion…


With that out of the way we had an unexpectedly delicious lunch at a pub along the road and proceeded to the Rock of Cashel. This was a fortification used to defend rich people from the armies of other rich people until it was appropriated by the government and given to the church since they need lots of fortified places to show how peaceful God is, then it was abandoned and now it’s a place where tourists pay money to take snazzy pictures. Queue a whole bunch of creepy ruin pictures:





Of course being in such a pious place didn’t stop us from the usual poses and jumping around on things:

IMG_1273_tonemapped IMG_1290_tonemapped

In all it was a great day of travel, we wound up back outside of Waterford to have dinner and a few drinks, settle in and call it a day. Tomorrow we head into Waterford proper to take in the sights, can’t wait.

As is common at the end of a long day in Ireland, the whiskey weighs heavy so it’s time to call it a night.

Till tomorrow,


One Response to “We’re up to here with castles, got ‘em laying about the place”

  1. Looks like a Zeppelin album cover.

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