Been doin’ a bit ‘a goin’

Today we woke up and had a phenomenal breakfast, obviously a staple of life in these parts, then we got on the road. We stopped for lunch along some castle which had it’s very own “Durty Nelly’s” pub, then hit the road again to meet more of Keara’s extensive and insanely nice family.  Along the way we came across a town where Keara’s roots are really deeply lain. Beyond the ancient cemetery with Deely plots leading back to 1621, there were still cousins of Keara’s living in the area who we visited and were kind enough to look through old family records with us and serve us a few beers.

Here’s a couple of shots of the cemetery:



When we got to Anita and Greg’s place I was taken aback, it’s a proper farm, 120 or so cows, a dozen or so dogs running around and one of them had just had a litter which led Keara to lose her mind.


This is just a quick one for today but I’ll be back with more soon.



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