Back in the land of Guinness and Jameson, It’s been too long

I’m completely unaware of how time has worked for the past few days but here’s what I do know:

2:45pm Saturday, flight leaves south Florida for NY

some time after that, we arrive in NY

some very sleepy time after that depart from NY

9:00am Sunday, arrive in Dublin

1 1/2 to 2 hours later, arrive in Waterford

20 min later, have my first fry (I can’t thank you enough for this Annette)

10 min later, pass out

6am Monday, wake up and take a shower

9am arrive in Bunclody for some coffee and planning of our day.

I have no idea how I left south Florida on Saturday and didn’t get to any actual stuff doing until Monday morning but who cares?! Have I mentioned how much I love Ireland? Here are a couple of shots of our quick stop.


We decided our first stop would be Altamont Gardens to see some of the summer flora native here, I’m sure my clamoring about wanting to test out my new photo equipment had some sway on this decision. Since this was pretty much an exercise in me taking pictures like a madman here are a few of my favorites:





I know, flower pictures, omega boring but I think there are a couple of desktop background worthy ones in there.

Next we went to Huntington Castle, originally commissioned as a garrison and having that first bit built in 1625, this place has been home to many strong women and is supposedly crazy haunted. As you walk in there is what would appear to be a sabre tooth crocodile skull immediately in front of the front door that was shot by one of the family matriarchs when she was 17, some of the many other pictures of this high caliber lady showed her holding her rifle. One of the other women of the family had successfully popped out 13 kids and lived to tell the tale, a rare trait for women in the 1700s. One of the stranger things said to us by the woman giving the tour (one of the descendants that call this place home {yes this is a functional home})is that it is believed to be very much haunted, so much so that one of the women taking the tour with us and had to leave a particular room because of “not being able to handle the aura there.” OK lady, whatever you say. What I will admit is a bit odd is that one of the many busts and portraits in the home belonged to someone still living in it, which I didn’t believe until I saw her with my own eyes, she was going on her daily walk and is well into her 90s. Also odd was the fact one of this places many inhabitants had turned the site into the focal point to the temple of Isis and it is now the single point where all these free love types go for naked frolics in the seriously awe inspiring gardens, oddly enough the Isis temple (aka dungeon) is the only part of the inside of the building they didn’t mind me taking pictures in. Also Huntington Pennsylvania is named after this building… cool.


That tower off in to the right of the picture on the right is the original garrison, all the rest was built around it to be lived in, apparently every generation added some wing, the place is supremely creepy inside which is mostly due to the unreasonably creaky floorboards and exorbitant amount of trophy busts, antlers and tails (really people keep tails hanging on the walls?) lining pretty much every inch or the upper floors. The underground is occupied completely by the temple to Isis, which was vaguely explained to us as the reason for all the completely varied hodgepodge of deities spread throughout the property, you might see a St. Michael painting sitting above a statue of Ganesh and the lady giving the tour (of her home) made it seem like this is all ok. Maybe the pictures below will shed some light on what I mean…




In complete contrast to the shrine of Isis, here are a couple more shots of the grounds which were simply breathtaking.


Oh yea, we also climbed a mountain Jesus it’s been a long day, I’m running on less than empty.

(the view from Mt. Leinster in the black stairs range)




That is more than enough for tonight and I haven’t really even covered the first day (of consciousness) but I’ll still have to leave it there for now.



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