Fast and Easy…

It was the first clear morning we’d had since we got to town so I snapped a couple of shots of the fountain in the park on the way to the expo.


Then we returned to Tech-Ed. The thing is that unless you’re here in these sessions with us it’s kinda’ tough to describe why this particular expo is so popular and expensive so, rather than that I’ll explain why it’s so much fun.

Yes we are learning volumes of super useful and super geeky stuff, VM, powershell, app-v, and the cloud are all terms that fly around here as much as ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘the’ in normal language. To offset the intense learning sessions the expo floor is filled to the brim with venders trying anything they can to get your attention and hopefully get you to buy some of their crap and trust me there is no trick they won’t try. The first gimmick is the raffle, oh man the raffles, they raffle off everything from $50 gift cards to Ducati motorcycles! Then there are the speakers, the vendors employ everyone from hot ladies to trick pool players to magicians just to get your attention and hold on to it for a few minutes.

This guy was a ‘mind reader’, he did some interesting things having people pick random words out of books and having them written down in envelopes that he pulled out of his podium before they were handed anything, he also did card tricks.

IMG_0734_tonemapped IMG_0736_tonemapped

You can just barely make out the card in the second one (it’s in the light).

This next dude was a world class pool shark.

IMG_0723_tonemapped IMG_0725_tonemapped

IMG_0732_tonemappedIn the first set he’s hitting a Q-ball off the rail and knocking that ball out of that dudes mouth then making it in the corner pocket… blindfolded. The last pic is of him hitting the one ball out from that support and not knocking the tower down while making the one in the corner pocket (watching the double ball part of the stack was nerve racking), he pulled the trick off perfectly. 

Also there are games, plenty of games. Spin the wheel, play some put put golf or play a little roulette all of which lead down the same two roads: 1. a registration for a raffle 2. a prize (usually a shirt or pen), either way you’re happy when you go back to learn some crazy thing about how to debug sharepoint errors. Here are a couple of shots of Andrew playing not one but 2 put put games.

IMG_0668_tonemapped IMG_0669_tonemapped

There were also some game stations set up with Kinect being showcased all over the place, here’s some guy unwinding with his rendition of Thriller.


That’s all from the expo hall today, later we’re heading to The Vortex for some legendary burgers and I’m sure there will be more to note from there.



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