Anything anyone tells you to try and prepare you for The Vortex will fall short. This place is a playground for… well, me. The walls are covered in murals, the food is over the top and the ‘Rules’ section of their website says pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted to say to customers at the bar.



And here’s what the actual place looks like:


Enter the Double Coronary: half a pound of beef topped with two fried eggs, six slices of cheese and eight slices of bacon and buns? Oh no, buns are for peasants, this puppy uses 2 grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, which is how this shit should be done. 


Jesus that thing was epic, and I loved it just like I knew I would. Thank the gods for whoever owns this place, I commend you sir or madam. Now to go into the deepest food coma I’ve had the pleaser of enjoying in a long time.

lights out.

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