Our days are spent going to hands on training sessions, being hounded by vendors and trekking the main expo floor but our nights? Our nights we get treated by these same vendors to awesome parties! At the Microsoft Silverlight exhibit we were handed yellow wrist bands that simply read: “GeekFest! 2011 @ STATS”. We lived the rest of the day as usual expecting some free wings and probably beer at the end of the day. The expo closed, we get kicked out and off to STATS we went, where we found this:

IMG_0711_tonemapped IMG_0712_tonemapped


The spot was supremely nicer than any of us expected, fire pits, full bar and a very nice terrace made for a seriously entertaining environment. Oh yea, this was nice too.

IMG_0701_tonemapped IMG_0702_tonemapped

They did well enough on their own but when their powers combined… it was pretty impressive

IMG_0696_tonemapped IMG_0693_tonemapped

Get a room full of developers (nerds) and throw them into a spot like this with an open bar and everyone was having a phenomenal time. On the way home I got some shots of the city from the Olympic park, but you’ll have to forgive the blur since I was on my way home from a jam.

IMG_0717_tonemapped IMG_0718_tonemapped

That’s it for tonight,

‘drops mic’

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