I’ve followed many a keynote on Giz and through many other venues but I didn’t think I’d be seeing one in person any time soon. Lets just say that a great deal is lost in translation when I’ve read about any of these things. I can only imagine how over the top an Apple keynote is because this was (from what I can gather) a much smaller event and it was IMPRESSIVE. After filing over 5000 of what I can only assume are the largest assortments of geeks, dweebs and dorks on earth (many internationals here) into a gigantic auditorium, they got the whole thing started with a couple of dudes who call themselves the ‘Glitch Mob’ playing touch screen lcds that were inexplicably turned away from them, they dropped their version of ‘Derezzed’ by the legendary Daft Punk. It was not exactly what I expected but that’s a good thing.

IMG_0648_tonemapped IMG_0651_tonemapped

They did a pretty damn good job, even though the fact that shazam picked up their set kinda’ suggests that they weren’t really doing much with those lcds they weren’t looking at, but lets give them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Here’s a shot of the keynote hall from about half way back, not the greatest shot but I hope it gets the idea of the scope across.


On our arrival we were assigned assorted geek accoutrements, A huge backpack, some assorted t-shirts and a billion flyers and ads for the various vendors here who’s sole purposes in life for the next week will be to entice us with raffles and giveaways. The show floor is nuts, and the items at stake are completely insane, this is a Microsoft event so every other group is offering Xbox360s but don’t let that be any representation of the sick swag these corporate types are offering up. I present exhibit A:


Needless to say I snuck way more than one entry into that raffle.

We ran around the vendor floor for a bit then went to some breakout sessions, the day was insanely informative and long. A few protips for anyone who is dropped into a tech environment and wants to sound like they know what’s up right now: toss the acronyms ROI (Return on investment) and SLA (Service Level Agreement) around as much as possible, also talk about the cloud as if you invented it, since apparently these people can’t hear enough about that noise.

One last perk of the day… THEY GAVE US BEER!! FO FREE!!!, pretty sweet and a great way to end the day.

IMG_0661_tonemappedThat’s it for today, got to get to sleep. These 6:30am mornings are going to kill me.



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