Playa Hermosa, kinda’ a conceited name for a beach if you ask me.

Todays task seemed easy enough, go to the beach. But like most things, we managed to turn a fairly simple process into a series of rather complicated meetups and separations, thankfully, ultimately resulting in our arrival at the beach. We started trying to get everyone fed but the splitting of the group into a main house and a condo has resulted in a serious lag in synchronization, as a result we left some of the guys behind. We took the initiative, headed to Jaco and rented some surf and boogie boards, then we headed to Playa Hermosa. This place had some seriously interesting quirks. First off the sand was black, I mean completely black, which had one serious drawback. It absorbed heat like that was it’s job! Jesus it was hot and when coupled with everyone’s general beatupness from two solid days of fishing this made us all look like zombies, everyone walked very slowly as to not have any of the super heated plasma sand touch any part of us. Second was the surf, I’ve never messed around in waves like these, and also because of these waves there happened to be a surfing competition going on about 200 yards from us. We were told there were some pros involved but, not knowing much about surfing myself, that information was lost on me. Apparently though the world surfing championship was held here 2 years ago so I’m assuming that’s a pretty decent set of credentials.

One thing I learned right away is that… I suck at surfing… but, I’m hell on a boggie board. Had some solid time out there in the surf then we watched the guys who knew what they were doing for a while.

IMG_6524 IMG_6523

I know both of those pictures show a mostly empty beach but I assure you there was plenty going on later, these shots are from we got there early and this place isn’t exactly keen on getting up early.

Again my camera was not the one taking all the awesome shots so I’ll have to wait for the shots to get to me until I can properly document this place in pictograph.

One thing occurs to me that has been very different about this trip then most of my others, I haven’t been waxing idiotic about food the whole time. Well, there’s a simple reason for that… we’ve been grilling burgers, hot dogs and such on most nights…

IMG_6529 IMG_6531

At Hermosa there was some interesting food to be had though. Johnnie and Aguacate had a White Marlin Ceviche, which I tried and thought was pretty damn good. And I had the Costa Rican take on arroz con pollo which was very much to my liking. All this was had at the backyard, the establishment hosting the surfing competition, for this reason we had to leave at 4pm because every seat in the house was reserved as every seat in the house has a very clear view of one of the best breaks on the beach.

All in all today was phenomenal, that beach is one for the books, and I’m more than happy to report that everyone here is a huge fan of ragging on people because my gut hurts from laughing so much.  Hopefully I get the pictures and videos soon so that I can update this with actually interesting shots.



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