The old man and the sea…

Apparently we’ve accumulated so much data in video and audio that transfer to my machine is made impossible at the moment. As a consolation prize I asked Aguacate to send me 4 or 5 highlight pics to hold me over until he can burn some dvds after the trip. Here are some of those.



Aguacate, being the way he is, also included this progression of the “many faces of Rob” as he called it. Enjoy.

This is sleepy and tired me after not sleeping for over 40 hours on our arrival to the Rock&Roll: (this one was named “what the fuck happened last night” by Aguacate)


This is angry me fighting the good fight:


And this is a rare happy me holding on to my opponent:


It’s important to note that all these states of being existed just within a few hours of each other.

That’s it for now, gotta hold out for the motherload of pictures and movies coming soon. Tomorrow is the beach and maybe some surfing, should be a damn time.

Take it easy,


One Response to “The old man and the sea…”

  1. Ryan Nuzzaci Says:

    You caught a…… dinosaur.

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