Now boarding Zone 99, Seat ‘?’

Psych! Leaving PR? Not so much. Although I fly standby as much as possible, this was not one of those times, we bought seats on this flight and were confident that we’d be home when we all planned. Apparently the airline industry and the universe had different plans for us.

We checked in at the airline and got some very strange language from the airline employee that was attending to us, even though 2/3 of us were fluent in Spanish, we all came away from the encounter with different ideas. I was harkening back to standby flights and assumed we got bumped but remembering that we paid for seats, quickly I chalked it up to my misunderstanding. Long story short, here’s our flight leaving without us:

IMG_0936 We were told that we had boarding passes but no seats and the flight had been overbooked… What?! Our boarding passes literally had a boarding zone of 99 and seat number ‘?’ I was hoping these people were just messing with us. In fact when I brought up my interpretation of what had been said to us the dude at the counter said to us in English “I am not at all saying that you won’t get on this plane.” Lied right to our faces.

So here we are at the San Juan Airport Hotel with our trip unintentionally extended one day, wondering what to do with our time.  Dinner seems like the most important factor so we head to Isla Verde to see what’s popping off on a Monday night.


With dinner at spice and a bit of time at the ritz casino we managed to make the best of a bad situation but it still kinda sucks to have your itinerary edited by factors that are completely out of your control. Either way thanks again PR, see you sooner than later I’m sure.



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