Boom goes the dynamite!

I don’t want to sound like we didn’t do anything on this trip because we did plenty but we had a dope spot with a dope beach and we just enjoyed the hell out of that combo for a good portion of the journey. We’d wake up, put ourselves together and head to the beach, do that for a few hours and head back to the palace, where it then became the ‘us show’ and we just cracked wise and ran around making each other lose our shit for the rest of the night. Doing this for more then one day in a row somehow mysteriously negates the law of diminishing marginal utility.

IMG_2680 IMG_2795

I present exhibits A and B, Keara doing the same thing (‘fun hooping’ with her neck) both during the day at the beach and back at the house, both acts equally hilarious although happening during two different times and in very different settings.

IMG_2669  IMG_2647 IMG_2645

Epic rock wave crashes along the abandoned beach, Megan’s steeeeek and volcanic sand, all fueled by mango mimosas add up to 6 very happy nomads.

I have to mention that the surf was pretty rough. I mean, entertaining but rough. We got our asses handed to us quite a bit by the waves. Riding a couple in resulted in more than one or two bruises and scratches among the group.  We also weathered a serious storm or two in the water. Being from south Florida most of us were used to 20 min tropical storms but usually hiding inside a building. Choosing to challenge nature (more than one Forest Gump reference was made during the maelstrom) was probably a stupid choice but what the hell, we’re on vacation. I will admit I’ve never just taken a rainstorm like that and the feeling was a level of invigorating that I seldom experience, especially when we were committed to doing it repeatedly, at least 2 or 3 different storms over the time we spent at the beach. We later found out that a hurricane had threatened the south coast of the island and we were throwing hands with it’s bastard children, not to say that we are any smarter for having chosen to deal with that first hand but we did and I think we all enjoyed the hell out the conflagration, some of us may have more bruises and scars to show for it then others but I can assure you that no one regrets the experience. This trip really couldn’t last long enough, I want to live here, but we’re packing it up and riding out tomorrow so this is probably the last of PR for 2010, again I can’t thank Tia Mari and Rafa enough for accommodating us and making this trip possible, I’m beyond positive that I’ll be back sooner than later and we’ll have another great time.

IMG_0933 IMG_0932

Closing thoughts are the view from a restaurant in Yabucoa and Michelle opening some pineapple juice with a steak knife and a bottle of rum, because I think that sums the trip up pretty well.

Cojelo con take it easy to everyone who made this possible.


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  1. sergio macias Says:

    Where do you find the time sir…

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