2 Chickens do not a farm make

What to say, what did I expect? Tornadoes had most of the mid-east locked down so flights got canceled and delayed. Brandon and Natalia got pushed back a day and I had to sit in an airport bar for a few hours with only a glass of McAllen and this laptop. In the end I got in and my Aunt Mari picked me up from the airport at 2am, I got a couple of hours of sleep and got up to some coffee and pastries. Picked up Brando and Natalia at 10am and headed to old San Juan to kill time. We had some Medallas (the local beer of choice) and walked around Castillo San Cristobal for a while, it was mad hot.

IMG_2612 IMG_2616

Normal tourist shit, look at the fort, feel the heat and keep walking. Then the phone rings, Michelle and Megan are here, time to head back to the airport. Figure out the mess with the car rentals and then Keara’s here. I’d like to throw a serious big up to my Aunt for lending me her car to handle all this nonsense. Now everyone is here, phone gets turned off and the true brainless fun starts. We finally start the trek to the mysterious beach house, what should be a 45 minute drive.

Yea, that didn’t happen. Of course the drive was fun, we talked mad shit and had a phenomenal time the whole way out but somehow found ourselves on some scary ass roads, if you could call them that. Since I had been preparing myself for a wide variety of situations I was not first to raise a red flag about the road conditions or these mountain inclines, but some of the girls were audibly disturbed by the situation. We were clearly lost as hell. Some recalibration of our technology and we found ourselves at the elusive house. I don’t know how else to put this, I love this place. Here’s our view from the door:

IMG_2626 IMG_2631

I might move here.

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