You two have never been to a party like this

The trip over was fine, a few scotches on the plane and we find ourselves at Long Beach airport. We skip over to Manhattan Beach where Besks abode is. Besk and I have only had a couple of conversations about this visit so the circumstances surrounding the state of where we are supposed to say are a bit hazy.

knock knock, not home, doorbell, nothing… crap. I recalled in a previous phone call that Besk had filled me in on alternative means of egress. I got in the secret agent way very much afraid that I was breaking into a complete strangers apartment, but once I got inside I was absolutely sure I was in the right place. You see, I call Besk Besk because when we met we liked to consider ourselves graffiti artists, well, he was an artist, I was admittedly a vandal. But that explains why when I looked around and saw this:

IMG_2485 IMG_2484

I was pretty sure I was in the right place.

We make ourselves at home and Besk shows up a little bit later. He’s not hiding his excitement about what he has planned for us. He refuses to give us details but just keeps repeating “you guys have never been to a party like this.” Which sets the bar pretty high.

We headed into L.A. and walked down the star laden sidewalks, taking pictures of the more awesome ones.


Then we were led past the main like of some busy looking place with trendy people and taken to the back of the building, Besk hugged some unerwear model types who were holding a velvet rope and they acted as if we didn’t exist, content with our proximity to Besk. Once we got in it was more of a lofty living room then a bar, but it did feel like this was ground zero for the secret blonde cloning operation that I now believe has to exist for this place to look the way it does. I didn’t want to be that guy snapping pictures but the chick who played silk spectre in Watchmen was there with her little sister, not a bad spotting for only being in town a couple of hours. The live band was dope:


They played all sorts of hip things, some animal collective and several things composed by Jack White.

Then the time came for food and out ultimate host Besk was not about to drop the ball here, oh no. He had something planned. So we drive deeper into L.A. and round a corner to find this:


That’s our gracious host Besk and Surge eating on-site style. At first sight, yes this does appear to be where day laborers enjoy their hasty lunches. But look more closely at the items on the menu, any place that sells tripa and head needs to know how to handle a cow. I ordered 2 tacos, lost my mind and ordered 3 more, this stuff was fire! I don’t know the name of this place since everyone was just referring to it as “The Truck” but if you know people who know where it is, GO EAT THERE! Cant wait until the main event tomorrow. Ink-N-Iron in t-minus 8 hours.


One Response to “You two have never been to a party like this”

  1. that mercier!!!!!!! drool! and yes this is the first time i’ve really read this. (i have some catching up to do.) wish i was with you.

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