What did that freak do to those poor cats for them to obey him?!

Awesome beginning of a day today:

Adult breakfast, check


Scooter ride down Duval street, check


Location of tropical bar while the girls do some gay shit, check


Once all those things were accomplished I was ready to get on with my day. Usual touristy garbage ensued and had I a video camera a montage with the theme from the Benny Hill show would be inserted here. In that video’s stead, here are some stupid pictures.

DSC03364 IMG_2414 DSC03363

We did a whole bunch of nonsense but the main event, other then the drinking and jetting around the island (intoxicated driving was avoided with the clever use of large meals, I assure you), was the freak show at Mallory Square.  To anyone I know who has already seen any of these maniacs, I thank you deeply for not spoiling the surprise. I arrived at this very quaint and Keys like location full of vibrant locals and homeless people doing tricks for money, wide-eyed like a child at an amusement park who had just been given a super slushy and told that their teacher had just died in some horrific pencil sharpener accident. Most of the things were mundane nonsense, people playing music or swallowing swords SEEN IT!! Step it up weirdoes, work for that money. Then we came across this guy.


That is a tiny Frenchman cracking a whip over cats… I’m sure many people have seen this guy or heard of him but this was my first encounter and I was taken aback to say the least.


Those cats are OBEYING HIM?! how? I don’t understand, cats do whatever they want, that’s their whole thing! God only knows what he did to them for them to listen to him, my vote is a combination of electrocution and fire, oh wait, there’s the fire.

DSC03385 DSC03386

In case your eyes stopped working just before seeing the second picture, it’s a cat jumping through a ring of fire, over another cat, on a tight rope.

This trip has definitely been lacking in the cuisine department, not because there is any lack of dope food in Key West, just because our focus has been on other departments. We decided we should actually eat something substantial tonight so the yellow brick road led to Blue Heaven. This place is awesome, I highly recommend it to anyone who is far enough south.

IMG_2478 DSC03399

While waiting for your table you are welcome to play a rousing game of ping pong or two. Which we did.

IMG_2480 DSC03404

Then the point, the food. God, we won on this one, this was some delicious fish, a yellowtail snapper swimming in savory lime sauce complimented with angel hair pasta and corn.



Ok, I’ll admit this has been dragging on and I’m eager to see if jailbroken tethering works to upload huge posts like this, so I’m done. Next post should be from Long beach, Ink-n-Iron.

Cojelo con take it easy,


One Response to “What did that freak do to those poor cats for them to obey him?!”

  1. “Location of tropical bar while the girls do some gay shit, check”…um we were getting our learn on…aquariums rule (along with their touch tanks)…don’t hate

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