The Creepy neighbor, everybody’s got one

So we all have that creepy neighbor, they live just close enough to make you uncomfortable and do all sorts of weird shit constantly, almost specifically to piss you off. My particular creepy neighbor started off innocently enough, he wandered over during a party I was having and started having bizarre conversations with my guests while smoking out of a corn cob pipe. This sort of behavior continued every time I had people over until one time he had a posse, some super flamboyant dude who kept calling me "boriqua" because he didn’t know the difference between a Puerto Rican flag and a Cuban one, which I have 6’x10′ hanging in my kitchen, and a girl who looked vaguely familiar at the time. The flaming guy was actually quite polite and didn’t bother any of the party goers, but the girl, who was later revealed to be "Trainwreck" a girl who regularly gets banned from the bar I moonlight at (I knew she looked familiar) was a completely different story. Said creepy neighbor ended up pushing one of the female party goers which resulted in lots of middle man-ing on my part to keep him alive. We locked the door and I’ve been trying to avoid him, other then the one time I was forced to tell him to his face that he creeps people out and he is not welcome when I have people over so "don’t wander over here in your weird ass way" if memory serves. Since then I just hear the ice-cream van noises his el camino (no I am not making this up or embellishing at all) makes in the distance, and I don’t bother myself with him at all. Then today I found evidence that he had begun a new battle with his other neighbors, it came in a not too subtle sign. Exhibit A:

and B:

Now you try and tell me for one second that this guy isn’t a class act.

UPDATE: I wake up this morning and start walking to work only to find this:

I got some more info and apparently this particular neighbor called the cops on El Creepo for some unknown reason and this is his payback. That will show ’em buddy, keep the hilarious sign-age coming.

2 Responses to “The Creepy neighbor, everybody’s got one”

  1. At least this guy is funnier than the dude I have upstairs. Mr. I make coffins in the night and have a plastic bag hanging over other people’s balconies. For sure that guy has a dungeon and that’s just scary….not funny. yea.

  2. i think if i was exposed to this neighbor we’d get along for some reason. hilarious! but im sure annoying. more annoying than ice-t? or green-t? t? t-bird? i forget. oh thats right, ice pick that he killed someone with and did time in jail for. ah love gville neighbors. miss it!

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