When the lights go out in San Juan

Lets start at the beginning: When I left you last Leo and I had gone shopping for supplies which included but were not limited to: 2 handles of rum, 1 half pallet of Medalla light and some other stuff. Added to the 2 and a half handles of Finlandia that we’ve got already waiting on the boat and I think should be ok for 3 guys for a few days:


We bought the supplies while still completely unsure of whether or not we were going on any trip at all but in the mean time, there was eating and drinking to do. Since my cousins are so keen on not allowing me to take pictures lest I look like a tourist this is probably one of the few you’ll see of most of us in one place:

IMG_2233That’s Javi on the left, myself in the middle, and Leo in the pink “chicks go better with beer” shirt. Leo is a trained chef and is at this particular location tonight to provide profesional cooking service to the inhabitants of this establishment and their guests. (this becomes more important later) Here is some of his handy work:

IMG_2232 IMG_2234

That’s some ceviche on the left and a nice slice of dolphin steamed with some fresh lemon slices and such “for the aromatics and shit” as described to me by Leo.  I assure you that despite his description of the menu items the food was god damned delicious.

Oh yea I guess I forgot to mention that when we left Costco the traffic lights were out, so when we got to Patricia’s house a few miles away it was slightly odd that the lights were out there as well, I know that the lights were out for exactly one hour and 42 minutes, because just as one of my cousins called out “una hora y quarenty dos min…” the lights came back on.  The drinking continues, the food is great and we abscond to Rafas, with the full intention of going through with the trip to Culebra that no one wants us to go on. We’ll see how it goes in the morning.

All I know right now is that Rafa has my dream pantry, and he has several flavors of moonshine rum for me to sample before passing out.

IMG_2235We’ll see whether or not we wind up going on the fishing trip of a lifetime in the morning or not in a few hours.



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