Epic, that’s all I’ve got.

The day began as very few do in my life with a natural wake from slumber at dawn, I actually think it’s never happened before. But as soon as everyone heard me moving around they got up too, and this is what was waiting for us outside:


A sunrise over the far coast of Culebra that I would call… pretty Ok. Although I was aching in new and exciting ways, and my clearly pale skin is not suited for this type of punishment we here here to fish and God damn it, that’s what we were going to do. What I didn’t know is that we were also going to scope out some pretty epic beaches.

Culebra itself is a damn nice place, its a small island to people from small islands but there are residents. The only ones who leave their houses are mostly ex-Americans who have moved here because they caught a pot charge in the ‘70s from the look of it, and these people are very fond of Tommy Bahama. I’m sure the rest of the island is populated by eccentric millionaires and their harems of women, or at least that’s what I’d like to think. A ferry brings people in from San Juan twice a day, it takes 4 or 6 hours, I have no idea, there’s also a very extreme airport, which I only see planes leave from, when I asked why Leo explained that since they have to land in between so many mountains the only way in is to cut your engines a mile and a half or so away and glide in, sounds exhilarating. Most of the real-estate on the island is build how you would imagine, a nice house on a hill overlooking the beautiful surroundings.

IMG_2280 IMG_2281

So we went, we fished, we conquered and it was great but I couldn’t help but notice all these insanely nice beaches we were seeing. We had left Culebra and were trolling the surrounding islands of Culebrita and Isla Norte and these things looked amazing, every now and again one beach would have a boat or some yacht parked on it but they were mostly barren. When we finished a particularly long run around the south western point of Culebrita we went in to take a closer look, this is where we ended up.

IMG_2291 IMG_2292

I can’t recall ever seeing water this clear, and remember reading that it was because Culebra has no natural streams, rivers or springs. All the water on the island is desalinated and reused, because of this there is no runoff and the result is this crazy super clear water.

Either way, I swam the anchor in and we went on to the shore, I celebrated:

IMG_2295Then we packed it up and went back to fishing. For some reason, one of our lures was catching only Barracuda today so I won’t go over all the ones that we caught and the trials and tribulations of each one, but I will show the biggest nicest fight of the day:

IMG_2298 IMG_2303

Needless to say we were pretty pumped so we ventured around the islands a bit further. we were looking for a spot on the map that looked to be a naturally sick beach but when we got there the surf was destroying it, not exactly relaxing. So we ventured on. There was one spot that you couldn’t really make out from far away though that had on yacht somehow planted in front of it, Rafa consulted the maps and this place looked remarkably difficult to get into but he was confident it could be done, so we did, and when we got there………

IMG_2309 IMG_2308

Try to put those pictures into one and you kinda get what we were sitting in the middle of. (I took some better panoramic pics with Rafas camera they will be added later). This was no ordinary bay or beach, this is the kind of thing they make movies about, if I wasn’t so sure the filmed “the beach” in southeast Asia I would have guessed it was filmed here:

IMG_2311 IMG_2307

One of those pictures shows the southern rim of the bay and the breakwater at the reef that makes it hard to get in here, the other shows Leo and I being morons. Needless to say, this place sucked up a good deal of our day but there was more fishing to be done so we reluctantly set off, now knowing how to get back here.

After a long day, we headed back, the radio station we were listening to, “Radio Joe” is obviously run by crazy people because it played everything from Rico Suave, to Daft Punk  to Eye of the Tiger, to Snow, to Manu Chao, which it was playing as we came into port at sun down, a long full day with many sights to take in, beginning with a beautiful sunrise and ending with a breathtaking sunset.



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  1. For guided tours, feel free to call.
    Only cute girls need apply.

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