Culebra’s on a boat

Well, you can say what you want about our decision but this is my home for the next few days:

IMG_2240we set off at about 6:15am from the house and got the boat in the water and launched by about 7:30, which I consider to be one hell of an accomplishment. The weather is not exactly anything that anyone wants us setting out in but fuck it, you only live once. We get about A quarter of the way to Culebra and drop lines. Believe it or not I stuck a tuna about 15 min in which is a fantastic sign. We keep fishing and arrive at the half way mark with no incident, where we stop to admire the scenery and enjoy the fruits of our labors. Did I mention that Leo is a cook?

IMG_2245   IMG_2246

That’s Leo slicing up some “sushi de atun” , and Rafa enjoying it. Now although I prefer a steak to fish on most days, you can’t beat this type of freshness.

IMG_2248Then we took a minute to enjoy the view on this fine supposedly horrible day. here’s the view of Icacos at around 10am:

IMG_2243  IMG_2244

A few hours of fishing later and we arrived at our destination. Culebra:

IMG_2250 IMG_2253

And here, is the actual destination:

IMG_2258 IMG_2259

And here is the view from our dock, please take note of the rainbow in the background signifying how wholesome and childlike my joy is for  being here.

IMG_2270That’s it for today, we’ll take stock of the water and gas we used up and make our plans for tomorrow, I’m sure much drinking and eating awaits us tonight.

Cojelo con take it easy,


2 Responses to “Culebra’s on a boat”

  1. by my count, total catch was 2 cero mackarel and 4 little tunny. Of which we killed one of each.

  2. thanks Rafa, now I can’t tell wild stories about the ton of exotic fish we all caught. I guess I won’t tell Javi about that wahoo you fought for 3 hours then had to strangle with your bare hands when it jumped at you from outside the boat.

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