Cuando ya no puedes mas

Today began like most other days, I was woken up by the noise of people moving around a home that wasn’t mine, the leather stuck to my face as a reminder that this was a place where no one should be sleeping and I was doing something wrong. By the time I came to being enough to comprehend that I was on my aunts couch, my  mother was letting me know that they were going out shopping and I was welcome to keep being a vagrant on her fine leather couch. I put on some U.N.K.L.E. and  started my move back towards the land of the living. In my wanderings around my aunt Mari’s place I realized that San Juan residences, this one in particular, had the whole thing figured out. What do I love most about my favorite place to be in miami? The veranda. Yes the view is crucial, and the location is seriously crucial, but at the end of the day its the fact that the people I love are in a comfortable location where there is no hindrance (those that smoke can do so, those that don’t, don’t care because there is ample airflow)  apparently the Puerto Ricans figured this out years ago. I admit there is an issue with the bars, but unlike miami window bars, since everyone has bars on their windows they have taken extra care to make the bars aesthetically pleasing and the result is a grand slam. Here is some of my aunt Mari’s place which you may notice is about  %75 chill space:

IMG_2216 IMG_2220 IMG_2223 IMG_2225

I feel that I’m dwelling too much on how much I love my aunt’s place, lets move on to the unmatched hospitality that my cousins have been showing me.

So Leo and I set out to figure out what the hell we were going to be doing, is this trip to Culebra happening or not? So we ride to Rafa (el Oso)’s house to see what’s up. Of course, he’s not there, but since he lives right on the water and (consequently where I’m sitting right now writing this) right in the thick of all the fisherman and the coast, Leo suggests I try a local favorite, coconut water and black label. Jesus christ, I know this is rare but I think I’ve had a bit too much to continue coherently, here are some pictures of us moving through the coast:

IMG_2226  IMG_2227

That’s where I got the black and coco water, and their chickens.

IMG_2228 IMG_2229

And those are a few shots out the window as we’re driving into San Juan, you may notice the drink in my hand which is almost encouraged in this place, and one of the many reasons why I love it.

As I’m writing this its around midnight in San Juan and we are trying to get a few hours sleep before a trip that we have been advised not to take. If all goes well Leo, Rafa and I will be hopping on a 22 foot open fisherman and traveling a few hours in open water to a place called Culebra where we plan on fishing and camping on the beach for a few days. For some reason all the Matriarchs have expressed very loudly that they are against this idea, we don’t care. The weather doesn’t seem perfect but we are pretty set on the goal so… Look forward to my next post, it will hopefully be written between tanning sessions from a tent on the beach of Culebra.

Cojelo con take it easy,


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