Todo Es Mar

Growing up on an island you’d think I would have been accustomed to the whole being surrounded by water thing, I guess it’s just that I don’t consider any coastal island a real island. This place is an island, and the only thing about anything here that feels even remotely American is that they accept our currency. Other then that, I’m going to be referring to this place a Cuba Jr. from now on, its Miami on steroids. You think the driving is bad in the MIA think again, these people are maniacs and owning a motorcycle is basically a national loophole in the whole red means stop thing. My aunts place is a picture of relaxation, it even has its own mini koi pond for reflection and introspection.

IMG_2217 IMG_2218

About 20 minutes after my mom and I arrived, the cousins started pouring in and the drinking started, well not for me, I had gotten personal with a few of these guys on the plane:


So by the time we finished drinking all the beer (Medalla seems to be the local beer of choice) and headed out, I hate to admit I was already a bit worse for ware. We went to a few spots but wound up in ‘la plazita’ which I can only describe as a more south American grove but minus the 18 year olds, tons of people flooding the streets and live music coming out of every lotto ticket/liquor store which are apparently the only 2 things of any importance to anyone around here once the sun goes down. My cousins wouldn’t let me take pictures because they said “you get to leave, we know these people and they’ll make fun of us for bringing tourists around” but I did manage to snap this shot while no on was looking.


As you can see, very grove-like. Well I’ve got a raging headache and am severely hung over but everybody is heading my way to pick me up so we can get the boat in the water, I’ll be back with more later.

Cojelo con take it easy,


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