Maelstrom at the MET

This was a day that I had been waiting a long damn time for. The MET isn’t like other museums I’ve been to, especially not like any I’ve been to this year. You don’t go to the MET to see items, there’s no hope diamond and no ancient kings sarcophagus, you go to see eras or genres. Of course there are standout items in every wing but it isn’t the type of museum where you go to a spot on a map, see the thing you came to see and move on, you have to linger and take in everything that’s around you, and it takes a LONG time. So our original hope of seeing both the MET and the Guggenheim on the same day was definitely dashed by our overly long breakfast. The crazy thing about the MET is that you could be looking at one thing then round a corner and be looking at something from a completely different era in a different style and medium, some of it is arguably not art, as it was made for a purpose, but every piece in this building has true cultural and historical value. Here are a few shots of some random exhibits found scattered about the place.

IMG_1973 IMG_1977 IMG_1996 IMG_1981

But as much as culture was trying to win the day and seep in to every pore of our collective being, something sinister was awaiting us on the roof. As we walked around the winding halls of this fantastic building filled with trinkets from the forgotten past we kept seeing signs for something called Maelstrom, we had no idea what this was but it was associated with some sort of garden. Finally we reached some elevators which had a sign indicating that they led to this elusive Maelstrom so we boarded, were elevated and found… I should have known…… a bar!! Of course, the roof of a museum, what better place for a bar?! None I tell you. Now it wasn’t just a bar in the center of the roof of course, there was this insane sculpture all around us, enveloping the entire roof, it was truly breath taking, or drink inspiring. So we all picked our poisons and drank it up at the MET for the rest of the afternoon soaking up the view (and for me the Dewars).

IMG_2016 IMG_2001 IMG_2015 IMG_2014

Don’t get me wrong there was plenty more to this place and this day then just getting dowsed surrounded by art overlooking central park, there was plenty of responsible things going on too, just after we had a decent buzz going. More on that later though.

Cojelo con take it easy,


One Response to “Maelstrom at the MET”

  1. um seriously? i was experiencing kandinsky at the guggenheim on 12/30/09. why haven’t we talked about this in real life yet???

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