Street Art, performed and otherwise…

How could I possibly come to NY and not talk about the art, sure I went to the MET but this isn’t about that sort of art, it’s about the type of art that has always made NY a bigger city then Miami, even though its less then 1/2 the size. Its about the streets and what people do with and on them. I couldn’t help but keep staring at all the art everywhere, god only knows how old some of it was. As I left LaGuardia in my nice clothes (in case I got bumped up to first class {I didn’t}) and speaking and laughing wildly with the shuttle driver, I am completely sure that the already unnerved passengers were not settled any by the fact that the only thing that seemed to pull my interest away from conversation was any graffiti that passed us by. Its what made my generation take to street art in the first place, (admittedly I was never any good as an artist) New York city and its great artists of the dark. Here though I saw a new side, yes there was plenty of spray paint on concrete and brick but the more interesting pieces weren’t burners or giant collaborative crew walls, it was the pre arranged art and the performance art. Here are a couple of examples, part cut and paste part stencil part free hand can I thought they were dope:

IMG_1923 IMG_1924

Stencils alone played a large part in what I saw in NY but the really entertaining ones were multi stencil arrangements that went in sequence or worked together to say something like this one:


As I said performance art was a big part of the whole experience too, some of it may have just been people trying to keep themselves entertained but it was still pretty fun to watch. Here is an example, this guy was selling photographs, the he had presumably taken, but to pass the time as people didn’t buy them he was hitting milk cartons (think middle school cafeteria) with a golf club into a garbage can that was about 35 feet from him.

IMG_1928 IMG_1927

As you can see from the picture in the foreground the photoraphs he was selling weren’t exactly G rated.

If the art wasn’t on the walls or being performed, it was being sold, and there was plenty of good art being sold on the streets for premium prices along side the junk. Here’s a picture I snapped of one of my favorites by some weirdo.

IMG_1929 (by putting a watermark on that I am not saying that I made this, I am simply saying that I took and own the photograph)

I call this artist a weirdo because when I offered my compliments to his art I was directed to a large, denim adorned black man with a cowboy hat holding the reigns of a show dog that was about as large as a small donkey. He was , in fact, a weirdo.

That’s it for art, but next up is our run in with the Gotham Gators and how the viewing of the UF vs LSU game went in Manhattan.

Coje lo con take it easy,


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