Let the great pig-out begin!

Brandon has really been proving himself an asset so far this trip and because of it we blindly follow his suggestions on where to go and eat. Where normally we would have a “we’ll see what we find along the way” sort of attitude about eating, Brandon has obviously been doing a great deal of research and preparation for this trip and our first stop today was definitely proof of that. It’s called Doughnut Plant, and according to the menu this is no god damned Dunking Doughnuts!IMG_1904

Here are the specials for today:


The complete menu was breathtaking, everything from double chocolate glazed deliciousness to apple cinnamon doughnuts with actual grandmas apple skin bits in the glaze. I had the tres leches doughnut which actually had tres leches running through the center of the entire scrumptious little morsel. We pigged out for a bit and then we were on our way.

Now that our bellies were full we were ready to take on Chinatown! or were we?

Yes, we were. For as much as I’ve heard people badmouthing TV it has actually prepared me pretty well for most of the exotic lands I’ve visited up until now and Chinatown was no exception. The people were crammed onto Canal streets sidewalks but for the most part this is where all the “legit” storefronts were, and who wants that. We found that ducking down smaller side streets yielded the best deals and the shop (or suitcase) owners who were most willing to bring the prices down on their wares. We made some truly phenomenal purchases (which I won’t discuss in detail lest I out any of my friend’s new fake designer items) and the haggling is something my mom had been training me for since I was just a kid. This place is alive and screaming, it flashes every item you do and don’t want in your face then yells at you to buy it. I saw some poor woman so flustered by the in your face attitude of one of the salesmen that she nearly had a panic attack and bowled people out of her way as she ran out of his tiny shop. I immediately went right into that shop and purchased a pair of sunglasses from that same man, almost as a congratulation that he is so successful in either selling things or scaring the crap out of people. Here’s a couple of shots, one of the view down Canal street and another of a funny store front that Natalia found:

IMG_1909 IMG_1911

I think I’ll leave it there for now, but there’s much more to come in a bit.



2 Responses to “Let the great pig-out begin!”

  1. I would like to thing I was an asset to the trip and not asses…

  2. typo fixed, I’ve got to get rid of this damn mini 9 and get something with a real keyboard. And good job putting a typo in a comment about my typo…

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