NYC state of mind I be…

Tonight I leave for NY, not a particularly long trip but a trip I’ve been waiting a long time for none the less. For once we have an actual itinerary, which is odd, but since we’ve only got a few days in Manhattan we needed to plan everything out if we wanted to see all the important stuff (by important I mean drenched in alcohol). I hope to have lots of pictures and recounts of zany antics in the coming days but for now I’m going to use this as a publicly viewable packing list that I can check from anywhere later, since I’m pretty sure I’ll be packing on the run.



batteries and chargers


laptop (make sure live writer is set up for the new format

HDD filled with tv shows and movies


fancy stuffs for the plane and possibly a dinner or two

cold weather stuff

usual outing clothes for a week

pretty sure that should do it, next post should be from NY.

Cojelo con take it easy,


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