Mickey said to call him!!!

So last night the real fun was had. I finally met the whole family, we drove out to Eniscorthy to meet the Deely’s and the Byrne’s, the real roots of Kearas heritage. I had been warned about this bunch and let me tell you the warnings did not do them justice. We arrived early on and were the first ones there so we had a chance to settle in. Around 6pm they started trickling in, and before long I found myself surrounded by the laughing and drinking that characterized this country in my imagination. At first it was very much like most family gatherings accept for the flagrant cursing but once the children all went home and we all ate, it was all downhill. Apparently Keara and her parents had talked me up a bit to the rowdier of the drinkers, telling them that I knew my way around a pub and they were eager to test my metal. The lineup varied through the night but the main offenders were Mickey, John and Little Nole, together they made up some of the quickest bastards I’d ever met. The drinks disappeared and the insults flew, this was a direct challenge, and I had been training for it for years. Here’s a shot of Mickey and I:


And one of Little Nole and I after he called me “a legend,”


Apparently I passed their test as Mickey promised to drop off a bottle of some “poitin” in the morning for me to take on our journey. He said it puts absinthe to shame and any person who’s cut of our jib should have some of it stashed away. I happily accepted.

The night ended when Liz, the matriarch of the house, staggered into the kitchen saying she couldn’t drink another drop of brandy: (which was apparently beyond rare)


They ran me into the ground, I’m lucky to have survived, but I did, and thanks to that fact I’m welcome back here. These people know how to enjoy themselves and they treated me like family, next time I’ll have to bring more then just a bottle of Jameson. Oh yea, Mickey had brought a bottle of Johnny Walker Gold label for Richard, it didn’t take long before we were on him about letting us drink it (Mickey included) and after some coaxing we succeeded.


The entire house was littered with bottles and as you can see from the pictures. This place is heaven and these people are angels, I can’t wait to come back.

One Response to “Mickey said to call him!!!”

  1. sounds like the place you shouldve been born

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